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Slight wobble/wheel balance issue

My Twizy 45 has a slight feeling of the RHS rear having a bit of wheel wobble, especially going up hill (when motor is being worked hard). Feels like either a slight drive shaft imbalance or perhaps a wheel not balanced. Not too disturbing (yet) but I wonder if it will get worse. Anyone else had this? Or experience in sorting it out?

Hi there. If it is load related i.e. when you have got your foot down up hill then it is unlikely to be wheel balance. Most common causes for that kind of effect are

  1. Wheel nuts loose (easy to check)
  2. Wheel bearing loose (jack up the back corner and see if the wheel has any play top bottom left right
  3. Geometry play in the tie rods
  4. Drive shaft loose - grab and attempt to wobble

But it shouldnt do it and it will probably get worse.

OK will check the above and if I see anything amiss will go to the dealer. Not too bad at present but don’t want it to get worse.

Could be a damaged/out of shape tyre?

Will check (didn’t do so yet) it’s all pretty new… I do think a wheel balance problem is likely. Will try and remember to report back…

Make sure the fitter uses glue on weights on the back of the wheel, not clip-on weights on the front, which will chip the finish and make them corrode-ask first.