Slow off the mark

I have a standard 2015 Twizy, one of the things I find a little annoying is the delay from putting your foot on the accelerator to the car moving and the lack of power shortly after. This is particularly problematic at roundabouts where that split second is often very useful to get you onto the roundabout.

I’m assuming this just how Twizys are restricted electronically to reduce stress on the drivetrain and battery or is there something wrong with mine?

I’m hoping something like a powerbox reduces this lag, can powerbox owners confirm?

To be honest I would be happy with just removing the lag and giving it a little more torque at low speed, I’m happy with the top speed as I use B and occasionally A roads on my commute.

Perhaps there’s a cheaper solution to a powerbox to tune that 0 – 20mph that I’ve missed?

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Three solutions. The first two are cheap.

  • Check the brakes, They tend to stay too stiff to the rotors when the maintenance is neglected. The Twizy gets sluggish with those dirty brake calipers.
  • When accelerating from a stop: Hold your left foot on the brake and just push the right pedal just a bit. Floor that right foot when releasing the brake. Does wonders.
  • Buy the Powerbox immediately. You are entering a different world from then on.

Thanks @shthpnz. I don’t think my break are binding at all so just the normal ‘by design’ delay by the sound of it.
I’ll try your right and left foot trick :wink:
I’m on the lookout for a powerbox, I’ve missed a couple of used ones, not so sure I can justify a new one. Annoyingly there were several for sale when I was looking for a Twizy but I’ve not seen any since.
I’m in the market for one if someone is selling at a reasonable price.

On the powerbox front, can I ask, if you ‘reset to factory settings’ on the powerbox does that remove all evidence of it from the Twizy or will Renault be asking questions if you need help with a degraded battery?

No worries, For one, your battery will not plunge to the 75% level. And yes all traces are removed.

Yes the price steep but nobody sells their Powerbox because the are fed up with it. You will enjoy the power from day one.

If you want a cheaper route search for the OVMS 3.0. Same effect, asks more of you in terms of managing the settings. More info on the German board. The OVMS is bought by in the Far East as a spin off of a gadget Tesla fans constructed. The BMS of the TWIZY has the same way of listening to the boss. Voilà.

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I second going for the power box. It will wheelspin away from the line on a damp road. Tune it how you want it.

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Wow :+1: