Smart EQ control app

Does anyone else use the Smart EQ control app with their Smart EQ?
Are you having any problems with it at the moment?

I’ve not been able to do anything with it since early this week, now getting “Login failure - Currently we are facing a problem with login system and we are working on it. Please trey to access the app after some time …”

I posted some feedback via the app on Tuesday and heard nothing back.
Initially it was just failing to login and going to a blank page.
I’m just stunned that a massive company with massive resources don’t seem to be aware they have a problem for a few days and once they release (probably after 100’s of customers contacting them) and post a notification to customers still don’t seem to be able to fix it.
Do they not monitor their services 24/7 like other businesses?
Have they all gone on holiday?
Don’t they care?

I used to use it but earlier this year it started to forget my login all the time so I haven’t used it in a while so can’t comment.

This is the reason Tesla have done so well, because they actually make sure things like this work as they should! These connected services seem to not be a huge focus for other manufacturers, they seem to be seen more of as a gimmick which is a shame.

the smart app has got better but the charging database is terrible , my local charging point is Gosport :laughing:

the isle of wight has about 6 charging points not listed.

I use the app to heat the car up in the mornings and clear the windscreen, my experience is that this works for about 50% of the time - sometimes doesn’t work for weeks then its fine again.
Just stuns me that a massive company doesn’t have this all monitored and a team to jump to it and correct faults as soon as they are spotted - ideally before a customer sees them.

@m1n1s, is it working for you at the moment?

yep no problems

Mine was working fine up until its first service in October. The issue i have is that i can read and see the state of the car as normal but I can’t send it instructions for climate control.

I brought it back to the dealer and they said they had reset the computer and after a few hours on the charger it would work. It didn’t. I then was advised to call smart support which i did, they spent weeks analysing it then said it was was the hood switch? That made absolutely no sense to me or the dealer. The dealer has what they call Spark experts. After talking to one and him contacting smart control support again he was at a loss until i reiterated that the app works apart from the sending commands bit. He then had a lightbulb moment as one of his colleagues had experienced the same thing. He reckons it was fixed by reinstalling the software.

I was to bring it in Monday but I’m not sure if that will be possible under tier 4 lockdown.

I’ll update you if they’re open.

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The app is junk, it can take 15 to 20 minutes to shake hands and Mercedes think that’s ok.

We were having problems earlier in the week but since yesterday has been working well.

Odd that its working for some of you and not me, thanks for letting me know though.
I suspect it will be months until its fixed … luckily the kids are on holiday so I don’t need to do the school run in the mornings now anyway.

My experience with Mercedes/Smart has been rather poor on may fronts - I won’t buy another one. Others I know who have bought Mercedes have said the same.
Having said that, I do still enjoy driving the Smart - once I’ve cleared the windscreen!

I was surprised that the app worked for my ED model. :stuck_out_tongue: It took the dealer six months to get it working for me. But it was for free a few years ago.

The only issues I have since the app was updated is that during starting of charge I get charging start failed messages and charging completed message only arrives once I have disconnected the charging plug.

My Smart ED recently had the two software updates for the brake assist and BMS system so I guess the BMS update isn’t playing well with the app :grin:

I have had a smart electric drive for 7 months. Great there …is only one problem… CHARGER built into the car is 4.5 Kilowatts. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CHARGE QUICKLY. NO WAY.
For the American market, 22 kilowatts are produced with chargers, but the battery also has a special cooling system !!! ???

But I still like the car :mask:

Update from me …
I’ve just installed the app on my new Android phone and its working fine, still failing on the iPad though. I think we have an iOS/app specific issue here.
At lest I have a working copy now though and I guess Smart/Mercedes are happy with only ~1/2 their customer base upset :rage:

The iOS version of the app is working again (for me at least), I guess someone has finally checked-in at Mercedes and fixed the issue. So that took them around 2 weeks to fix something that is directly customer facing, I know it was over the Christmas period but they should have people on-call to fix something customer facing like this 24/7/365.

both app eco systems are buggy , sometimes its not the developers fault.

recently i received the charged status correctly.

Yep agree re sometimes (often) not the developers fault … the error that I was seeing looked like it may have been something like a certificate expiring or one element of the infrastructure down, difficult to say without being privy to the design. They should have monitoring in place and people ready to jump into action as just about every other company on the planet does though, I find it hard to understand why they don’t.
Yes all working fine for me now on both platforms.
My impression of Mercedes/Smart from HQ to dealers (I know its a franchise but Merc can pull the franchise) based on personal experience is they don’t care too much about their customer service and this is just one more example.

i have suffered for years at the hands of Smart , sat in many Merc dealership and heard Merc horror stories that pale in comparision to my Smart issues :joy:

The trouble with a lot of these sort of apps is that there is often precious little diagnostic / debug info you can get from then when the * insert smart device thing here * is not responding to the app. Even then, you are relying on a mobile phone network SIM card connection to a cloud based service I presume in the car and either WiFi or mobile network comms from mobile to cloud to send a request and (maybe) get a repsonse back.

One very frustrating issue I have come across recently involves EE and iOS phones. If you are on EE and have an iPhone, connecting via mobile network (2/3/4/5G) and want to connect to anything else out there on the web, such as a website or cloud based service - it had better have an IPv6 IP Address. If it’s still IPv4 only, your iPhone just won’t connect to that service and EE don’t give a flying fox about changing this, despite IPv4 still being a large part of the internet. Back on WiFi and all is merry.

I guess OVMS doesn’t have all the bells and whistles needed yet for the Smart EQ?

umm yes, my brother warned me not to get a Merc after his battle to get them to recognise and fix the issue he was having with his fancy fold away roof on an SLK. It failed to operate occasionally but as it was not immediately reproducible at the dealerships, Merc and the dealers were not interested :astonished:
My wife’s friend has had issues with a c-class again the dealers are treating them like something you have just stepped in :poop:
I won’t touch them in the future. I wonder how they do in the JD power surveys?

Are you able to send requests to the car to start the heating?