Smart EQ service - HV SoH

Hi Smart EQ owners,

Just wondered if anyone has every received a HV battery SOH report when getting the car serviced at a Merc/Smart dealer? I’m sure I remember reading that the car had to be serviced by them in order that the battery is covered by the warranty and that they would be doing SOH during service?

(we took ours to a Merc dealer who were fully aware it was an EQ then at the end told us they could not do any of the EV elements of the service at they were not trained!)

I’ve never even thought about asking for one - good idea, though. I’ve had my EQ about 2.5 years now (43000km) and I’ve not noticed any battery degradation yet.

Strange that the dealer accepted your car for service if they couldn’t do everything. I’ve had to wait a little longer a couple of times because my dealer’s told me that their EV technician was on holiday or something.

I asked my dealer at the last service but they gave me the SOH of the 12V battery so it had to booked back in a few weeks later for free for the traction battery SOH report.

Same happened to us re 12v battery and still no idea how the HV battery is doing.
I thought it would be one of the checks that’s done at the service that would actually be useful and should be done as there is a warranty against the battery??

No idea what they really do servicing an electric car , last time they botch a brake fluid change on a 2 year old car with 3000 miles on it , we had more air than fluid in the system which I had to bleed at home because the car wasn’t safe to drive back to the dealer.
The missus didn’t use the brakes on the way home :wink:

Really, wow if you had a crash because of that the directors would have been in the dock explaining themselves. Just as well you had the knowledge to diagnose and remedy, some people wouldn’t of had a clue and would have taken it out again.