Smart ForFour ED

Picked up an ex demo smart for four ed in April and have been runner her about the last few months and comparing it to my bmw i3 2016.

Impressed with the little car and it works well where we live in the UK , we decided to sell the i3 and the little smart has become the main daily drive.

Things against the i3 where the poor visibility at junctions , small boot and the interesting driving characteristic of the skinny 155 tyres , in the wet the front understeer was bad at speed and the rear wheelspin was also an issue , great car for me to drive but the otherhalf had too many close calls driving the thing. Also the poor bridgestone tyres , after two years they had badly cracked and crazed , not impressed.

The one big thing i’m missing with i3 compared to the smart for four is obviously the range and the power , the smart feels very under powered and needs charging every few days, also the home charger is very temperamental and never charges at full rate , it tends to drop back to 8A charge and get really warm. I tried the i3 charger on the smart and it had no issues of charging at the full 10A without issue.

However the biggest shocker is the twizy is still my favorite electric car with the power box.:heart_eyes:

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I’ll let you know if the Smart EQ is any different to the ED in terms of power and charging. I get mine in a few weeks!

That’ll all depend on which charging option you ordered, James. It’s possible to now order the 22kW charger option in the UK. When I ordered mine I in January I (technically) ordered the Electric Drive model, which I believe came with a 7kW charger. Then the whole EQ rebrand happened around March/April and then Smart decided to change the standard charger to a 4.6kW charger. My car was built (in late May) before the 22kW option became available so I’m now stuck with the 4.6kW charger - and heard from the dealer today that retrofitting a 22kW charger isn’t possible. (which is what I was expecting to hear)

Expect to see quite a drop in your range when pick it up (presuming you’ll pick it up mid October). Once the spring comes, you’ll see your range slowly work its way back up, though.

Ah, I just noticed in another post that you’ve bought the 22kW option - good choice!

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