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Smart Forstars

So it seems electric vehicles are being introduced thick and fast now, and although this car is still just a concept, the Twizy was just a concept 3 years ago. So it seems that within another few years we are going to see a huge range of EVs on the market and I think Renault is going to have some serious competition!

Here is the link to Smarts electric concept: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news-gallery/47828/smart-forstars-concept-pictures-and-hands-on/10#image

Interesting post-not seen that one. Looks modern…

The proposed launch of lots of EVs over the next few years (especially if they quality for the 25% grant) was what made me worry that the Twizy will depreciate, so I wanted a cheap deal to cover this. It may happen that once more people get comfortable with electric cars, decent early models (especially those with hired batteries) may become more sought after as demand outstrips supply for cheap EVs.

The most sought after models will be the ones with the Skyroof and Renault windows, whether they are Urban, Colour or Technic.
Once a few fully enclosed cars get launched at a similar price point, the windows will be more or less essential if selling out of summer.

I am surprised that a premium seller has not launched a posh small EV yet-the Smart is the nearest thing to date. I wonder what will be around in 2020?