Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Price: £20,565

Not sure how long Smart have been selling the proper version of their electric smart Fortwo but it looks like everything the Twizy should/could have been.

I’m just upset by the price. How on earth does it cost £10k more than the petrol version?!

I was hoping to see EV prices dropping by now, but manufacturers are still taking the piss.

Sure they can justify it in the literature but if that car was £10-£12k they would sell a bucket load if the battery is included

My thoughts exactly. I’d most probably buy one.

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Yeah, I was also interested in the Smart Fortwo before buying the Twizy, but price makes no sense to me. Twizy gets my commute done and that’s 90% of my (car) driving kms per year. And at a fraction of the Smart cost. It is clearly superior in so many ways to the Twizy, but even so, it does not cut the cost benefit equation at home.

There is just one Smart ForFour in the Country in Brighton - I asked if it can be brought to Maidstone for me to see but was told not (because of range!)

The One and only Smart Forone is in Maidstone if anyone has driven it

It’s not just the outright cost, I bought a smart for two for my son, the service costs are ridiculous. They charge £100 just to look at a fault, the exhaust was making a strange noise, so I asked if they could look at it while it was in for a service, yes, for £100, just look mind you not fix.
The service costs more than my 5 or my wife’s 3 convertible! Pity I quite liked the brahbus version :grinning:
Skoda Citigo on the other hand, brilliant, cheap to run, excellent car got one for my other son. Can’t say enough positive things about it. If only there was an electric version…

You’re absolutely right, the Smart is ideally suited for being an EV and it’s what the Twizy should have been.

I went to my local smart dealership to have a chat about the Smart Electric Drive. Asked if a test drive was possible, was told that no way was it possible as the Smart brand had decided that the Four Two was going to be the big seller and so havent bothered to provide any For Two EDs.

£16k for a two seater is just madness though, I’ll wait until they have dropped in price first.

While most might foresee the Twizy category go further into the car category, I sincerely hope it remains in the quad category. There are serious advantages in being there when it comes to learning to drive. The other is weight - Twizy is minimalist in nature, and gives you the essentials in protection, range and utility as a quad. Parking sideways is a big plus! To be honest, the designers and planners couldn’t have done much better for the design goals they had in mind in creating this category of vehicle.

If I were to hope for improvements, maybe using the battery improvements/changes from the Zoe (22KWh --> 40KWh for the same form factor) and make it available for Twizy owners. Range will make better. I wouldn’t expect much more than this for a niche market vehicle. If I were Renault, I would hire Kenneth to manage the electronics for them, and install a factory insane mode on the dash :nerd_face:

Yeah I completely agree, part of the Twizy appeal is its lightness and simplicity…no other vehicle can match it in those categories.

Still think Renault could do better by making a 2 seater Zoe.

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