Smart FourTwo EQ heater not working?.

The heater on mine isn’t working, it starts to get hot then it switches off.

Dealership says it’s normal :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?.

Ummm, doesn’t sound very normal to me.
Our For Four EQ heater is not the best but it will stay on when you ask it to, sounds like a dealer talking rubbish again …
Where are you from, UK based?

Yes, uk based.

As they were bringing it back this pm they finally experienced the fault and have taken it back.

I’ve forgotten what it looks like.

Get used to it, our local dealer had our car for at least 6 months while they tried (and still failed) to sort out the ‘return to workshop’ error.

its a wonder anybody buys new cars because the customer service is so bad , it seems most brands are hopeless :sob:

Mine gets lovely and toasty. I have the winter pack so also have heated seats and steering wheel.

here also on the ED , i must be getting old :rofl: