Smart recall active brake assistance

Just had the recall for the smart ABA , booked into the main Smart dealer Esplanade in Cowes a few weeks ago here on the isle of wight.

After two hours at the dealership this morning I came home because they don’t have the tools and seals to do the software update on my Smart fourfour ED because its electric.

:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl: :rofl:

Legendary bad service and imcompetance from the only main dealer here…oh its an electric car…yes the same as the Smart EQ you are selling on the forecourt :roll_eyes:

Wow they are bad aren’t they?!

I went down to my dealership a few weeks ago after receiving the recall to book in. They said they’d get someone to give me a call because they’re short staffed at the moment due to the virus…

Nobody ever did call me back, so I’m just going to get it fixed when I book my service in in a few weeks time.

Yeah , unfortunately a main dealer on an island.

I tried to buy a EQ fortwo a few years ago when Smart were taken reservations , they took a large deposit then told me three months later they weren’t allowed to sell Smart EV’s , I then got an ex demo ED forfour from a smart dealer in Norfolk - top notch service.

Last year we had the ED serviced here and they left my missus on a saturday afternoon with 5 miles range left in the battery , i asked for a battery print out for the traction battery and they gave us a slip of paper for a 12V battery test , even worse they changed the brake fluid on a car with 2000 miles and left so much air in the system when i got back to the UK i had to bleed the brake system because the car was undriveable, unstopable :laughing:

Back when the first left hand drive smart for twos came out UK spec we had problems with the electric windows , air bag and a service. All botched by this dealer.
Only three spark plugs changed because they didn’t know about the other 3 on the back of the engine, they gave my missus a can of wd40 because that needs to be sprayed down the window guides everytime you open and close the electric windows and the famous air bag light.
Four times it went in before they fixed it , on the third visit they said they changed the air bag. Before the visit we used a UV pen on the airbag and wrote something rude , after the airbag was changed and we have the invoice the words were still on the airbag. They brought the wrong colour so they just reset the fault code and lie to us.
Need less to say the next service and airbag change was all done for free :wink:

Legendary bad garage and they are main dealer for a lot of cars now.

I plan to get the Smart serviced on the mainland next time i visit.

This experience just shows how bad and dangerous they are and now batteries are involved :laughing:

This is all very topical in our house …

My wife has just taken the Smart for four EQ into a Mercedes dealer for service and smart aba recall.
After the service was complete they tell us that they have not had the training yet to do any software patches (they tell us that there is an outstanding one for our car) and cannot tell us the traction battery SOH (we were also told 13 something volts when we asked the question first time!!!).
So what did they do for the price of the service then?

I’m under the impression that the SOH should be recorded and any patches applied during a service, do you agree?
They tell us that the smart aba recall has been dealt with, does anyone know what they needed to do for this or are we being lied to?

Happy days!

The problem is are main dealers are still not trained or have the tools for EV.

To do the software update on the ED the technician has to wear the rubber gloves and clear out half the workshop to do a 30 second software update. I saw the workshop article on his print out to do the job. The workshop was full and they don’t have rubber gloves or the rubber seal for the ecu , great forward planning again.

Last year after all the trouble with the service the dealer did do me a print out of the traction battery cell voltages and recharge times for free although again it was a saturday job which broke all the rules.

our local dealer told my wife they had the training for the HV work but had not been trained to do software updates.

Yeah it seems a mess when you need any ev work done :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

had a text from the smart dealer today.

the smart ED will be back with them on the 20th October for THREE DAYS TO DO A SOFTWARE UPDATE for the active brake system.

thats a £1500 bill for someone :wink:

bonkers :laughing:

do i trust the car with them :no_mouth:

Most dealers are only sellers … to clarify how to buy 22 kilowatts insite charger which is an option … I got to the manufacturer. And they explained to me that the option is affordable, but I have to change the battery … which has the same capacity of 17 … but has a special cooling system ??? ??
And I gave up :nauseated_face: