Snow drifting

My funniest and most scary ride so far in the twizy! Doing highway speed in the narrow wheelbase twizy on snowy roads, scary. Small roads up to about 50kmh, insane fun!!

We were expecting snow these days but…
I was so looking forward to it!! It’s been since the 90s I hadn’t had a car with non traction control rear wheel drive!!!

Snow in Greece? That cant be normal?
Anyway i have to sell the twiz soon, have ordered a citroen c zero (the ugly imiev)

Very normal. In fact we have snow around Athens where I live at least 2 times every year.

While your ski resorts ( 2 hour drive) are good from December to late April.

I am surprised at your temperatures that you don’t get snow more frequently.

Why did you choose the c zero over the iOn of Peugot?
Price or accessories?

O, not bad, snow is fun, except when its in hour driveway and the snowblower runs out of gas :sweat:. We chose the czero purely on price, i would rather have the imiev with the ability to heat up the cabin when connected. But i will most likely install a diesel heather in it anyway!

Don’t forget the C-zero/Ion also has hidden bits from the Imeiv. ie. the gear selector is just blocked off from selecting the ‘B’ mode which can be used if you remove the top plate.

May be there are other options.

B mode?? As in Boost? :smile:

I did not know that! Thanks! B mode is stronger regen :slight_smile:

@ALEXAKOS as @Ballemann says B mode is stronger regen. It allows for almost 1 pedal driving Brakes only required for last 2 meters to stop. When you get used to it it is great. By default it is hidden/locked out on the ION and C-Zero by the gear selector plastic cover.

The Bastards! That can be so good when down hill driving.
Cheers for Input:)