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So finally...

I did buy a Twizy. Mainly to avoid public commute but obviously also because it is immensly cool. I drive it every day to and from work, 13-15kms one way. Found a used one from a 82-year old Doctor who drove it to the driving-range. Think it is a -13 and had some 8000kms on the Clock.

I´ve dealt with the brakes (not used a lot…), new EBC pads and cleaning, new brake fluid and some elbow grease. Also serviced at the Renault Dealer (€130), they approved the brakes…phew.

Also changed oil in the gearbox, used that superexpensive red stuff. It i noticebly less noisy and I Think I´ll change come spring again. But it was a mess :slight_smile:

But now I need to sort tyres for Winter. If I could find a set of Alloys I´d buy them but that seems very diffcult. I´d also instantly buy steel-rims but they are also very hard to find… Where have you guys sourced yours?

Also a Little curious re what tyres I should choose, can I fit 145s all round on original rims? Seem to be difficult finding Other sizes online? If anyone Cold offer some tips, I’d be truly grateful.

Regards from Sweden!


Welcome to Twizying :upside_down_face:

There are usually some Twizy alloys for sale on eBay albeit expensive.

Don’t have much experience with winter tyres as its not required in the UK but if you are going to fit larger tyres on the Twizy always check the profile / height of the new tyre , up front its tight getting under those wheel arches.

This website below should give you an idea about tyre profiles.


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There’s some interesting information regarding tyres sizes in this link.

I’m still running on the OEM tyres but I’m ready for some new ones.

Tire pressure can adjust the handling a lot.
I’m running with 2.5 bar front and back at the moment, doing some testing to helt with the understeer.

I’m running 30 psi front and rear on standard tyres.

this pressure helps with the front understeer and the rear wheel spin in medium power mode on the power box.

I can get over 30 miles on a charge with this setup. :grin:

Thanks all! Still havent been able to locate those stel-rims…seem very difficult. But will change to M+S rubber on thursday. Then 140 (or maybe 145) all round.

Wrt understeer, it happens during braking with some lateral force. Only when damp/wet and a little cold. I still think the rubber past its life-expectany…:slight_smile:

Will notice for s u r e with the new tyres…

lets see some pictures on the 145 M+S :heart_eyes:


sick ;}

Ahhh…so didn`t work. Sort of expected that but had the tireshop try the front ones first. So 145 does NOT fit under the fenders. There, now we know.

Will do the original Conti M+S instead. But am still looking for rims, if anyone has a set (with or without tires)…let me know :slight_smile:

What profile 145 tyres did you try?

According to thread I posted above 145/70R13 should be ok.

I’d be surprised if a M+S tyre is under 80 profile :thinking:

Hankook iCept RS W442 145/80R13 75T