So I Placed an order for a Model X

My Wife and I went to the Tesla showroom in Bluewater on Friday to have a look at the X and take the S for a drive.

The Sales Advisor was fantastic and so different to a traditional ‘salesman’, primarily because he does not sell the car or take commission or offer any discounts on the purchase. He is just there to advise and be a passionate brand advocate - think visiting an Apple store and asking for help and advice on a purchase - that.

We started with the Model X - the showroom one they had was a left hand drive six seater, which is probably the configuration we are going to settle on.

He took an hour taking us through all the element of the car, the Falcon wing doors are very clever, the access and space in the back amazing and middle row feels like being in a high class limo.

My wife was impressed with the large front windscreen and the 17" touchscreen and how it all worked and actually how simple. The fact that there are just two buttons - the hazard warning and a button to open the glovebox keeps it clean.

We then went out in the S, in a P90D which is the same version we are getting in the X. You could see that the S had a slightly inferior quality on the seats and the finish, something which I was concerned about, but the X was very high quality.

The drive was smooth, handling and steering response felt very similar to our Audi SQ5 and when we ‘launched’ the speed was incredible, and my wife loved it.

Back in the showroom we placed our order and put the deposit down. We have two weeks to make any changes and are looking at a February / March delivery.

For placing the order, we also got a nice Tesla goody bag, with a bottle of bubbles, some mugs / glasses, a great Tesla Supercharger USB memory stick and a limited edition concept drawing of the Model X.

Congrats! I’m super envious, more about the Supercharger memory stick than anything else! :smiley:

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