So this happened this morning

Somehow whilst driving along the hatch opened and the cable has fallen out…

Oh no! Sorry to hear about this. At least it is possible to repair yourself until you can get a new cable fitted by Renault.

I’ve left the flap open but never had the cable jump out and drag on the road like that. Must have made a lot of noise.

Hope you get it sorted quickly.

Strangely enough there wasn’t that much noise, only when I slowed down for traffic I then heard it.

I don’t understand how this opened, probably the same pot holes that made it jump out also opened it!?

ouch i have thought in the past that they arnt very secure

Ouch. That’s gonna be expensive!! I always feed the cable as far as I can into the cable tube, then put the plug right to the bottom of the box, and shove the cable in on top of the plug. I might put some Velcro strips along the underside of the cable hatch now, seeing this. Hope you get it fixed ok.

£309 I have just been quoted for a replacement cable and fitment, basically £209 door the cable alone.

So is there anyone here that might have a cable from a day crashed Twizy I could purchase!?

That’s expensive for a cable.

Cable and Door - Although I didn’t know the door was damaged as well. Can you get away with a shorter cable ? Just replace the Plug with a decent quality one or even a Caravan type one (Commando Plug) and use an adapter Like this Ebay Commando plug.

In fact here is the kit and cable on ebay. You could use that.

And to finish with here is a decent plug - Permaplug

I done this also.i forgot to put cable away as I had unplugged it earlier .managed to fit an ordinary plug .

Still not decided what to do at the moment. There are kits you can get to re-sheath cables, however 3M don’t seem to sell them in this country. As an alternative I could reseal the damaged areas with Polyurethane…might even be able to get the right colour :wink:

You ‘could’ try Araldite 2-part epoxy and colour it with children’s poster colour.

Nothing wrong with using some light blue electrical tape, wrapped tightly. Three layers ought to do it!!

Yes insulating tape will I said I fitted a rubberised standard plug and it looks as if it was like that from new.