Solar cells on rooftop

Hi Twizy Owners, anyone have had any experience in hooking up solar cells on the rooftop to help charge the vehicle? I have seen some that have given it a try on YouTube but it does not look like a real installation. Any input would be helpful to get any edge on range. Thanks - CrazyTwizy :slight_smile:

There are a number of threads on this. The easiest is to have the Solar Panels Grid tied and then only charge when they out put over 2.2Kw. The only other way is to battery store the power and then use that to transfer the power through an inverter to the Twizy.

So why not go directly into the traction battery?
First you need to step the Solar Panel output either up or down to approx 60V this needs to monitor the current and voltage of the batteries to provide a constant current charge and then drop it off towards the end. There aren’t easy to obtain chargers like this and they would be quite expensive due to amount of current they have to handle.

The other problem is we don’t own the battery and any miss charging may be expensive to sort out with RCI.

So I park my Twizy in my garage and plug in on sunny days. Often during late spring to Autumn get 3 hours of over 2.2KW output form the roof panels. If not it just substitutes grid power with the Solar to charge the car. Most of the power comes direct from Solar.

There are extra things you can do, with a grid tied set-up you can add a monitor like morningsun to divert excess charge to a dedicated circuit and connect the Twizy in there. So it only charges when there is a spare 10amps. These again are expensive (sub £200) and put the risk of the Twizy not being charged when you need it.

If you have a Leaf or Zoe (although not so good with the current Zoe) then these will charge a only 6amps and so the above works better. In fact you can set the current available at the charge point by changing the control resister. All depends on how technical you are.

@peter_szczesiak has a boat which has a large battery bank from which he charges his Twizy. So it can be done but then he already has a £1000’s worth of batteries.

I couldn’t find a cheaper way than using the Grid and Roof mounted Grid-tied Solar panels.

Its all true I have 1 kw of solar on the roof which I store in the batteries. On summer days these are normally fully charged by 10 am so plugging le twiz makes use of those lost amps, all good from my point of view


Thank you both for covering this topic with me. It does not seem as a straight forward bolt-on, since the most reliable way to charge is via home solar by the looks of it. I did not think of the battery rental possible problem as well, so I better not mess with it :wink: but for a moment I was tempted :smile:

@CrazyTwizy to show how ‘crazy’ I am about Solar and using it see Here

Very good Chris if you dont want to go the whole hog with full tractions like me you could look at trojans when the time comes to replace your old batteries


@osbrook - very nice setup :wink: I am not there yet, however I am looking for solutions which are more modular in nature. Going Solar might need to wait a bit at a larger scale as I am still uncovering other boundaries of the Twizzzz :). I have to say the speed limiter at 50mph is annoying since it feels like the Twizy wants to keep going lol. I am sure high velocity shortens range, and probably the optimal speed must be at 30mph. Maybe I need a Twizzzzz Insane Mode button :blush: