Some Ecotricity Rapids charging for free

As some of you may know I went on a pretty long test drive at the weekend with the Zoe, a total of about 550 miles of electric driving.

One thing I encountered is Ecotricity rapid chargepoints seemingly charging the Zoe slower than they normally would, but then not taking payment after 30 minutes and giving me the message ‘You have not been charged’ (as in they haven’t taken payment).

Something which was odd was the charge post reported 0kWH used. However the Zoe was definitely charging between 40-50% each time.

Has anyone else come across this at all?

Apparents when they loose their phone signal they are set up to dispense for free. If you watch the latest Fully Charged on YouTube it’s all explained there.

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So I can nip on Ebay and buy a Phone signal blocker and get free charges. If I had an EV that used these charges. Sounds a bit odd

Yeah it is all a little odd.

Even if they didn’t have signal, surely they’d still display the power used. And I definitely remember seeing they had full signal anyway!

I’m sure somehow the Zoe was reporting 0kWh being drawn from the point, so it assumed charging hadn’t started and didn’t charge me.

Worth a try

Interesting issue - I have not used any public charge points before so cannot help I am afraid