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Some great private plates for the Twizy

If anyone is looking to buy an ex-demo and hide the non-62 plate, or just wants a cool Twizy plate (I like James’s TW11ZY W!), here are some for sale on www.newreg.com now:

TW12Y KW £262 (£394 on car)

TW12Y EH "

TW12Y AZ £512 (£694 on car)

No TW12Y ZE TW12 ECO or TW12Y GO…

With the two row style of rear plate, these keep within the spacing regs so may be better (all £262=£394 inc fees)





There are loads ADE, GEF, RUN and loads of names

Not worth the extra over the others in my eyes at £595 (£794 on car)


I like:



the best and at £394 on the car, are really worth having-I guess the plate companies have not worked the relevance out YET-so buy while they are cheap!
My wife disagrees so we’ll stick with our original plate (plus Renault finance wants £25 fee to add to car)

Posted this if anyone is looking for a plate-some good ones here!

Nice thread.

As you can imagine I’ve done plenty of searching for Twizy plates before settling on TW11 ZYW. I also came across TW12 REN but had already bought my one. There is in fact TW12 OWN available last time I checked which I was very tempted to buy but it wouldn’t really mean anything to anyone else and so wouldn’t potentially increase in value like my current plate.

I saw a Twizy with TW12 ZZY in some photos the other day on a blog post. At first glance I was gutted I’d missed that one but then on second thought I think I still prefer mine. It bugs me when people spell Twizy with 2 Zs.

Thanks James-I do like yours!!

Even the Renault dealer wrote Twizzy on the paperwork :rolleyes:

Haha same here! My dealer also wrote Twizzy.

I don’t see why it’s so difficult to notice that its only spelt with 1 Z, especially when you work for Renault! :open_mouth:

Do you mean Rennault, Jammes?

I was wondering whether the TW17 would be better than a 2, but there were none in my configuration

You’ll have to wait until March 1st 2017 for the 17 plates!

Yep, was having a blonde moment (as well as forgetting about the plate change due to my vintage - mixing the two styles) :rolleyes:

Would be great if TVV 17Y existed. This fits into the Suffix style of plates but there’s neither one for sale nor one on an existing car :frowning:

Or R TW12Y

Now I’m tempted… I said I’d never have a personalized plate, because I didn’t think they were worth it.

However, when we got the Leaf, the dealer managed to give us WJ11LFR – We’re just two leafers… for free.

And when I got the Twizy, the garage screwed up so badly they gave me N1 DKE for free… :slight_smile:

Thanks for this thread, ive been lookin tw11 zy options like james’s didnt think of tw12 ! So just bought tw12y et as some people say they look like an alien craft , plus it gives mine a new name for the kids to call it !

Cool plate

Seen this for sale: [FONT=arial black]GA5 5UKS
Yours for £1849 ;)[/FONT]

Great plate james, dont like the price

number plates finally added

Cool-looks great :cool:

That is pretty cool.

I thought I was just lucky with my plate DG62 TWZ. So the care is just called Twiz.

I was lucky I got in quick having had mine for some time now my plate is T1WSY and the best plates are import size they fit great

Spotted this morning in Bodenham, Herefordshire

Black Technic with plate