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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Some new accessories?

So, thanks to the fantastic German Twizy Forum (Vectrix-forum.de) it seems that there are now some extra optional extras you can get for your Twizy.

At the moment, they seem to only be available in Swizerland, but I’m sure they could be shipped to the UK fairly easily.

The full brochure is here. Some of my favorites include an orange ZE logo, and the coloured body wrap ‘color packs.’

I also like the idea of the smartphone holder, although I suspect there’s a cheaper option out there!


That’s interesting, wonder when/if in UK?

I thought picture 2 of the Parrot was for a retro-fit SkyRoof, but no :’(

I bought some car vinyl to do that Z.e. myself. Not done it yet. Might not do it now.