Something wrong can someone help me!


Maybe this can help you?

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12v battery is at a too low a voltage.

check that first needs to above 12.2- 12.4v for it to charge. Common fault.

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I tried to do everything but still not working, I took the car to the dealership they don’t know what’s the problem, and they tell maybe the big battery, it will cost me around 6190 euro !!! :face_with_head_bandage:

That’s exactly wat iI saw the day my charger died. 12V batery is fine and the traction batery seems ok said mr. Renault. It will set me back a litle over 1000 euro if the failing charger did not do more evil.
Charger is still in back order, by the way, exactly for one week now.
God luck with your repair!

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I know that this is difficult, but You need to get the CAN communication. If You send me the CAN Frames I can answer what is wrong

Hi Dani

How can i do that , can you tell me how i will send you

Thank you


There is the OBD2 plug inside left chamber on the dashboard. It is standart pinout. If You take any USB-CAN converter You can turn on the trace function and write the log from CAN bus…

If You like to have something more for the future better idea is to buy used IXXXAT compact the old one…If You buy the old one the old DVT customer will work and without licence key You will reach the possibilities to tune up twizy…eg my car has at this moment 450A limit and because I have my own battery with higher voltage I reach albost 28kW of the electric power…in nearest future I will turn on 20sec boost to 550A and thanks to this I will reach 33kW…of course still limitation is a gearbox (1000Nm on the wheels).

If You choose another USB-CAN (like PEAK or new IXXXAT or any chinese) the DVT will be impossible to use…

But for Your trouble any converter bould be ok…The CAN baudrate is 500kbps

You need only to plud it and start write to file, after that normal try to run Twizy…after error please turn off key and close the log file…log file You can send to me