Soon to be Twizy Owner


I’m Nick, had a Twizy for the weekend and loved it. Been obsessed ever since. There is a youtube video I did of in in my signature. Take a look if you want.

Have my choice of Twizy all planned out, just need to pin them down and order it. This is also based on if I can afford every option I want. Apparently the Bag is a no go now.

Anyway hoping to get to know some people and share the love for the Twizy.

Is anyone on here an offical Renault Z.E rep?

I want to pitch an idea to them.

Anyway hope to get to know you all over time.

Hi Nick

Welcome to the forum. Which model are you going to go for?

Nope, no official Renault people on here as far as I know…

I was think the same as what Twizynorthwood has. I was hoping to be original about it but I was beaten to it.

If the alloys are too much it may be the colour with Orange Wrap, and if I get the hub caps I may get them colour matched.

As for the bag, then see this thread:-

  1. Luguage
    The rear seat takes the old blue Sainbury’s boxs perfectly

To secure a bag in the back use a PacSafe Exomesh. See:-

I use with a large water proof sack/Bag. It lives in the boot leaving the back seat free.

[size=5]I ORDERED IT TODAY!!! :razz:[size=2]
Yet to hear ETA but it could be 8-12 weeks. [/size][/size][size=5][size=2] :frowning:

Also possible Twizy owners take note.

There is an error in the finance calculator they use to work out payments. If they give you a figure from it ask if it can be calculated manually to check it. The dealer I used said that they have raised it with IT but not sure if they will rush on it. Basically it dropped my onthly payments by £17. Not sure if the error would have been picked up down the line but it might help people make a more informed choice if they have to correct figures.



I will put a sticky topic up about the finance thing.

Congratulations, bet you cant wait :slight_smile:

As we say in Essex, Well Jell!

No I cannot.

Tried to get a date today but have to wait til wednesday.:’(

Its coming week 43 which is 22-31 of October!

Clearly a twizy owner of taste. I have been very pleased with my colour combination.

I think viewed from the front straight on it lacks the wow factor. Its the view most drivers will see in their rear view mirror. Thinking it needs a bit of red/orange on the front. Thinking of maybe getting the Z.E. on the front inlayed with the same colour. Or getting the front grill inbetween the lights coloured.

I wouldn’t worry about that, the other drivers always end up slowing down so that you go past them and they can get a good look anyway. At least that’s what I’ve experienced in and around London.

James, your mileage count, it that a fomula/web app or you amend your signature each time you come one here?

I modify it when I can be bothered.

I was actually thinking about if it would be possible to write a little script that would make keeping it updated a bit easier.

My Twizy has now left the factory!!! Still same ETA :expressionless:

Well should have it hopefully buy this friday.

Got quite a good number plate **12 TWZ

Did you ask for that number plate, buy it or just pot luck?

Pot luck to a degree. I said I wanted to pick the reg, he said he already had and said that this one is the best match. I was not looking for that I was looking for something like NAX or AXT for my name. They were not available and TWZ is still a good plate.

Bonus! Well done to the dealer for matching it up.

Good luck with the new Twizy-much fun awaits!