Soon to be Twizy Owner

As for the bag, then see this thread:-

  1. Luguage
    The rear seat takes the old blue Sainbury’s boxs perfectly

To secure a bag in the back use a PacSafe Exomesh. See:-

I use with a large water proof sack/Bag. It lives in the boot leaving the back seat free.

[size=5]I ORDERED IT TODAY!!! :razz:[size=2]
Yet to hear ETA but it could be 8-12 weeks. [/size][/size][size=5][size=2] :frowning:

Also possible Twizy owners take note.

There is an error in the finance calculator they use to work out payments. If they give you a figure from it ask if it can be calculated manually to check it. The dealer I used said that they have raised it with IT but not sure if they will rush on it. Basically it dropped my onthly payments by £17. Not sure if the error would have been picked up down the line but it might help people make a more informed choice if they have to correct figures.



I will put a sticky topic up about the finance thing.

Congratulations, bet you cant wait :slight_smile:

As we say in Essex, Well Jell!

No I cannot.

Tried to get a date today but have to wait til wednesday.:’(

Its coming week 43 which is 22-31 of October!

Clearly a twizy owner of taste. I have been very pleased with my colour combination.

I think viewed from the front straight on it lacks the wow factor. Its the view most drivers will see in their rear view mirror. Thinking it needs a bit of red/orange on the front. Thinking of maybe getting the Z.E. on the front inlayed with the same colour. Or getting the front grill inbetween the lights coloured.

I wouldn’t worry about that, the other drivers always end up slowing down so that you go past them and they can get a good look anyway. At least that’s what I’ve experienced in and around London.

James, your mileage count, it that a fomula/web app or you amend your signature each time you come one here?

I modify it when I can be bothered.

I was actually thinking about if it would be possible to write a little script that would make keeping it updated a bit easier.

My Twizy has now left the factory!!! Still same ETA :expressionless:

Well should have it hopefully buy this friday.

Got quite a good number plate **12 TWZ

Did you ask for that number plate, buy it or just pot luck?

Pot luck to a degree. I said I wanted to pick the reg, he said he already had and said that this one is the best match. I was not looking for that I was looking for something like NAX or AXT for my name. They were not available and TWZ is still a good plate.

Bonus! Well done to the dealer for matching it up.

Good luck with the new Twizy-much fun awaits!

It arrived today. I went to see it before they do the checks and register it. Orange and black looks amazing.

Sweet! Get some photos up when you can :slight_smile:

Not long now, u are going to love it :smiley: