Sorry! (White Flag!)

Hi Evowners Forum!

I was unware that we are not able to promote on this forum.
I couldnt see anythign about this on the forums guidelines.
Please except my apology!
I have tried to contact admin to show me how i can remove posts!

I myself have recently ordered the kia soul ev and the excitment may have taken over!

It was so much the post but the multiple postings linking to external sites that got you flagged.

Hi Osbrook!

Thank you for your response,

i was wanting to post the orginal post, yet wasnt certain which group to post in, hence reposting in a new group!
How can you delete posts? Also one of my replies was flagged about the £199 cost to a member called steve who was asking for an EV Lease at £200 a month. I did try to edit this to have it unflagged but have been unable to!
I think computers are clearly not my thing :confused:

Hi @RHester

Your post replying to a leasing topic was relevant so this isn’t spam and I’ll unblock it. The system will automatically flag up any new users posting multiple links as it assumes they’re just trying to spam the forum with adverts.