Sound system

I am in the middle of a dilema.
Which tipe of sound system should I go for:

  1. Portable bluetooth speaker
  2. Custom speakers/amp/headunit intallation

Both of them have their own pros&cons.

  1. Small, portable, selfcontained, decent sound, removable, cheaper, prone to be stollen
  2. Louder, invisible, always available

Any thoughts?

When got my Twizy 4 years ago I fit Bluetooth speakers to the pods in the roof. Used it for about 6 months and now don’t both. It’s not the point of a quiet open car. I just listen to whats around me. I have the option of using as I know it still works but tend not to bother.

However in the Motorhome or Wife’s car. Music is on all the time.

So I suggest you try something cheap to start with run it a few months and see what you really want.

@osbrook I was thinking the same. But sometimes I just need something to cheer me up or set the mood while driving.
To have something just in case of need :slight_smile:
All this quiteness is making my head thinking too much.
I suppose I have to make use to it still

I know it’s illegal but I don’t bother with speakers and only use a good folding pair of Sony headset with a microphone.

I can connect it to my phone for calls and the radio or my ipod and put the volume as load as I want without annoying anyone near me.

I also prefer to listen to the sounds around me but when you are stuck in traffic the headset is perfect.

My solution is based on 2 Jam Plus Speakers Bluetooth Speakers. One in each glove locker. I use the TuneShell graphic equalizer App on my phone to boost the base. The advantages are:
They were cheap
They are small enough for both go in the locking glove locker
I can charge them from the 12v supply
They are loud enough - up to about 40 miles per hour

The downsides are
Its a bit of a faff to switch on 2 speakers
They are not loud enough over 40 MPH

The best sound experience is with my Bose noise cancelling headphones but I don’t want to leave them in the Twizy. Other headphones I tried were not worth the hassle.

I was thinking about a Motorcycle radio kit. They are waterproof, small and cheap. You can pick them up on ebay for less than £20, anyone tried one?

My solution was to fit my own version of the Parrot Bluetooth system which is fitted by Renault.
I bought the Parrot from Halfords for approx. £100.
It comes with the complete harness that is ready to plug into the Twizy’s wiring loom.
There are some instructions on this site which are spot-on.
I fixed the parrot to the side frame member after removing the glove box etc.
The little LED screen fitted into the top left corner and is more discreet than the Renault unit.
I bought some speakers and Renault converter cables so I didn’t have to cut the built-in speaker wires.
Made the brackets from the template available on this site.
Later I added a DAB radio unit that plugs into the Line-In on the parrot and the unit sits in the left Glovebox.
The DAB aerial is mounted in the rear of the car where the panel removes.
There was a steel crossbar and the aerial had a magnetic base :slight_smile:
Just had to route the cable under the floor mats and into the glovebox.
All I have to do is press the button on the DAB unit and select Line-In on the Parrot :smiley:


Great solution @Normsthename.
I opted for a more custom solution. Ordered some bluetooth/SD/USB player module.
And a china 2.1 200w amp. Prety low cost for start.
I am still working out the speakers solution, but I am pretty sure the speakers will be some of the JBL 2way coaxial 4’’ for the roof section and a low profile 8 or 10’’ subwofer fitted somewhere in the rear. Maybe where your antenna resides. I have seen in pictures that there is some kind of foam and maybe enough space to fit the sub.
I presume I have still time till the stuff from china will be shipped, to figure out all the details. :slight_smile:

I use the Big Jambox Bluetooth speaker on trips over 50mph, and the small Jambox to go around town. The Big Jambox is a party on the street otherwise lol… The issue is security of the equipment in an open car, I don’t like to tempt fate on having the audio stolen. It’s a bit of a hassle, but I got peace of mind.

@CrazyTwizy the security of a portable speaker is my concern this is why I ordered separate amp and speakers with dedicated mp3 player from china :slight_smile:
Have not spent more than 50€ till date. Will se how reliable it will be. Seen other people done the same.
I have found places below the storage bins to hide the stuff
And I can hide the speakers in the roof bar
Preaty stealth in my opinion.
Will see when the stuf arrives :slight_smile: