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Source London


This costs just £10 per year and allows you to charge and park in central London for free, up to 3 hours.
There are 100s of spaces and so far they have been almost always empty.
The only problem I’ve had so far is that the twizy 13amp plug is a little bit too fat to fit in the flip open socket, the lid needs to be pushed shut over the plug before charging begins.

Yep I’m a Source London member. Can also confirm that the cable is sometimes a little too fat for the charging door to close easily, but it is doable!

Yes, i am a member too and have used 3 posts so far. One guy even came out of his house to tell me I was the first car he had ever seen using the charge bay and he wondered what they were for!

Used my third different Source London charge point today. So far I’ve used two different wall mounted types and one street post. All three have worked fine and with no problems. Just thought I would let people know as I know there has been some trouble with the plug not fitting in certain charge points. Source London ones seem to work just fine though!

Also a member and agree in general it works good apart from the ones near the o2 arena where motorists often park in the electric bay >:( but that aside if you have a Twizy and in the South its worth the admin fee!!

yeah I’ve yet to find a petrol station that lets you fill up for free, for just £10/year.

I suspect it will be more than £10/year once PiP ends in March :wink:

What’s PiP?

Plugged In Places - “To inform wider roll out of infrastructure as mainstream electric vehicles come to the UK, the Government is supporting the ‘Plugged-In Places’ programme. The scheme offers match-funding to consortia of businesses and public sector partners to support the installation of electric vehicle recharging infrastructure in lead places across the UK.”