Source of right hand switch column?

Does anyone know what the right hand switch column is fitted to the Twizy?
My heated window switch is getting really sticky, couldn’t turn it off yesterday!
I have drowned it in WD40 but it is getting worse and I think I will have to replace it.
It must be a part that is used on other cars.
If I knew it would give me more options to replace it.
Thanks in advance


I too have issues with mine coming on and being tricky to turn off. I find that if I push and pull the end of the stick it turns it off.

Not sure about the heated window switch but all the other switches on the stalk are in the other end of the stick. ie. nearest the steering column. It might be worth looking at that end as you will need to look there to replace the stalk anyway.

Thanks for the info.
At the moment my heated screen comes on and stays on.
The only way I have found to switch it off is to wiggle it really fast on and off and it usually switches off, for the time being…
I have been doing some research and there is hope on the horizon!
Removing the stalk is really easy once you have removed the plastic shroud.
It is held in place with two screws and it just plugs into the column with a multi-plug.
I believe that we might be able to upgrade the Twizy!!!
Reading Renault forums it is a common modification to fit a new stalk that has variable intermittant wipers.
It is just a straight swap and it works!
New stalks are available for approx. £27 upwards.
I need to do a bit more research on which model will fit the Twizy so watch this space!



Let us know Andy! Mine is playing up too, was going to replace with some standalone switches.

Mine does the same. The heated windscreen comes on and stays on. Switching it on and off a few times or wiggling it sometimes works. If not I switch off totally and restart again and it always works.

@Normsthename: Interesting idea the upgrade to the intermittant wiper! I am looking now at pictures of renault 7701040736 The text on the stalk will be different and/or false of course.

When a success, the 'Normsthename-Intermittant-Right-Hand-Switch-Stalk can become the successor of the legendary PowerBox.

The Twizy has a lot Clio MK2 (1998-2005) parts.

If you can live with the wrong labeling this will do…


I hope to remove the wiper stalk this weekend so I can take pictures of the Multiplug etc.
Hopefully will then find which model will be the best one to buy.
I will definitely be buying one, I might buy a secondhand one off of an Auction site.
You can get them really cheap so I will not lose much outlay if it does not work…


A slight spanner in the works…
Had a look at my Twizy tonight and the plastic switch shroud is made in one piece and the steering wheel needs removing!
Why they didn’t just split it horizontally and hold it with a couple of screws beggars belief.
The designer must have been the same guy who designed the rear brake hubs! :wink:
So, does anyone know how to remove the steering wheel bearing in mind that it has an airbag in it.


@Normsthename: How is your German? The forum overthere has a series of photos to show you what you will meet when you crawl to the switch. The sequence is the other way around of course.
And look at an older how-to from Swiss Ray :
I would unclip the battery, remove the 5A fuse and wait a while.
I also read to be careful when unplugging the airbag. The connection is fragile.

You need a Torx 50 to remove the steering wheel. At least thats the one I already bought to remove the bolt in the middle.

On this forum more members have made the swap so help will be near.

Shthpnz, mein Deutsch ist nicht gut :slight_smile:
But Google Translate is my friend!
Thank you for the link, I will have a look at it and hopefully will be able to remove the wheel!


Keep us up to date on the SuperSwitch.

Question: This seem to be a common problem fo all Twizy users that insted of aking Renault about it everyone comeback with MacGyvor Solutions …
I had The same problem, delivered my Twizy to The dealer and they fixed it on warranty. This was last year on my 2013 Twizy

That’s fine if it’s under warranty.
My Twizy is 5 years old so need to do a MacGyvor Solution :slight_smile:


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Nooo! Not the MacGyver solution!!!

Did no one of you ever see a MacGiver episode?

It always ends in a explosion. And who wants to have that? :smiling_imp:
Just look at the promo!!! :joy:

And right before a explosion he MacGivers something like this!!!

Absolutly reckless :joy:

Airbag remal is the same as for the Twingo.

  1. Disconnect 12v battery and leave for 5 minutes
  2. Insert suitable screwdriver / drill-bit into bag release hole in rear of steering wheel to unclip the bag from the internal fixings.
  3. Lift airbag vertically to release it from the wheel completely.
  4. Undo the electrical connection, but remember that this is a security (yello) multi-plug that needs the strap releasing with a screwdriver blade before the plug comes apart.
  5. Big Torx bit on the wheel and make sure you mark the spindle/wheel position to make sure it goes back in straight :slight_smile:


Thanks R1nga, that’s brilliant!


I know I’m resurrecting a dormant thread, but did anyone figure out which stalk / column / switches work with our twizy? Part numbers would be great!
Someone played around in (i’d say “broke into” but i don’t have windows…) my twizy the other night, snapping off the turn signal switch at the base

I suggest you scroll up a bit. There you will find it:slight_smile:

@shthpnz thanks but i only saw the part number for the right side switch from a clio…
i’m hoping to find the twizy part number for the left side switch (or both switches, since a spare can’t hurt) so i can see what it costs from renault before i spend my time trying to macgyver something.