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Just to let you all know, I will be dealing with the increase of spam over the weekend. Anders sent me a link to a spam control plugin so I will install that and see how things go.



Good news, was just going to start a thread about it.
Internet has some bad sides that’s for sure :frowning:

I’ve just blocked the offending IP address for now as suggested by Osbrook. However, they will be back using a different ip that’s for sure. I will try and get the anti spam measure in place tomorrow as it does spoil the website having to see all that crap!

I have now implemented Spam-O-Matic plugin for the forum. Hopefully this should stop all spammers from registering and posting. Credit to Sam (anders) for providing me with the link.

Blocked IP address has just stopped some one registering from that address so it works.

Not a problem, hopefully it works for you guys has worked well for me on some of my sites in the past so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Just an update - the plugin has blocked 52 spam registrations in less than 24 hours!

Not sure we would have coped without it now as the spam bots seem to be increasing rapidly!

glad its doing its job :slight_smile: