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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Spare Parts Prices

Twizy is plastic injection moulded and clipped together. The rear number plate sits on a large rear panel that has break lines on the under bracket so if you bash the back it separates rather than disintegrates which is what happened when I bottomed out on a grass bank.

Cheap body parts?

£144.00 inc VAT

Hmmmmmmmmmm (a hot glue gun has sufficed)

Trevor, where did you get that quote from, a Renault dealership?

Yes. That was Renault Parts at Westover Renault in Poole/Bournemouth. Since I was the first every to request parts we looked at the computer together and he was surprised at the price as well.

I have been quoted 61.50 for the rear bumper so your quote looks high

Pretty sure my front panel was less than £100 and that is quite large.