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Spare Tyres

Has anyone needed to change one, are they easy to replace? Are they easy to get hold of? Are they costly?

As far as I know, if you get a flat you call Renault and they come and do it. Also the front and back tyres are different.

Yes, they will… or rather the AA will.

But that’s only if the tyre can be fixed.

I managed to get a flat on Sunday, and I’ve now found that there are absolutetly NO continental conti e.contact tyres in the whole of Renault, or in fact, anywhere.

I’ve been told it’s all on backorder, and no-one knows when the tyres will be back in stock! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

As a consequence, I’ve ended up ordering two Michelins for the rear of the Twizy (it was a rear flat), and I’ll be replacing both rear tyres.

I’ll keep the good conti e.contact, and sell it on, if anyone’s interested? It’s only got 1200 miles on it.

Why replace both? Well, I don’t like having different tread patterns on the same axle, as it will affect handling a little.


So it is possible to get replacements fairly easy just from different makes.

Dare I ask how much they were?

I noticed the demo had Michelins but others all had Contis.

Also interested to know price-my mate at Kwik-Fit said neither size listed with them.

How much for the old tyre?

According to this £47 or so. Of course, if you don’t actually HAVE the tyre, you can set any price you like! :slight_smile:

I would have thought mytyres would have stock in, have used them in the past and they deliver very quickly, but £47inc p&p seems VERY cheap for Contis, even if small size and low speed rating. Happy days!

Neither of my tyre ssuppliers have stock , except really naf budget options (I looked last week)
These suppliers feed most of the networks country wide. I will ask the tyre rep, as they may not yet be aware of the Twizy

The new tyres, from ATS, work out at £140(ish) for the pair, fitted. Hardly cheap eh?

The old one? Hmm. Someone make me an offer, but you’ll have to come and pick it up! :smiley: (I’m in Bristol)

Mine are brand new so not needed yet, but would be handy if punctured. Hmmm.

I thought they would be about £75-85 each fitted, so £47 shown on mytyres for a Conti delivered shocked me. I guess the shortage will even out sooner or later…

I was told yesterday by my renault dealer as part of the 4+ recovery they will only come out and to a flat battery and take you to the nearest charging point, flat tyres were not covered

Well saw my new twizy, don’t get it till Friday.

Anyway, when I saw it they still had normal wheels on and not the alloys. Technically I bought that car and the alloys as extra. So should I be allowed to have the original wheels?

i have, and awaiting answer from dealership.

Yep I would assume so unless the price to upgrade to the alloys is just that, an upgrade price and they take the cost of the original wheel off of the price of the alloys?

£300 for the wheels.

Technically it is an upgrade so the price of the steels (and wheel trims) is taken off the alloy price, but as this was not done at the factory and is to be done at the dealer-and you have seen it, I would certainly ask to retain them.

They would fetch about £30 each sold to replace damaged items, or may have a value as a spare set for winter tyres if it was possible to get them in the right sizes-and desirable to do, given the reduced range due to increased friction and the fact the Twizy is rear wheel drive and has no heater!

Sooner or later someone will damage a wheel and if you have a spare set you will be able to sell them.

PS what about the trims? I guess the factory did not pack these with the car if alloys were with it, but worth asking!

The car is there with the steel wheels and white trims. The alloys were ordered and are being fitted at the dealers today.

I think when I go to sign the paperwork on Wednesday I will push for them, always handy to have spare. Feel a bit cheeky because I asked for free windows. Did not get free windows but I can have them at cost price. That price is tbc at the moment.

I also asked them not to stick the number plate on the front, but they say they have to.

I asked them to double check that too.

If the windows were not free, keep the wheels! I thought I would have to have windows, but the downsides equal/outweigh the upsides with the current designs.

According to the government site, quadricycles must have front plates in the UK. Only trikes with single wheel at the front get away with it!:

Tell em not to be so stupid, its YOUR car, if you dont want a plate on it, then its upto you, most they can do is get you to sign a disclaimer. I took mine off weeks ago, and have had no issues yet.
I do have two holes in the front though :frowning:

Stick being the operative word then, not screw :lol:

I get to keep the steel wheels and hub caps. I get them tomorrow. Though I am assuming they will have rubber on them, and have not asked. Get a feeling I am going to feel really stupid tomorrow.

Also they are fitting the front number plate and screwing it in. I think I will just remove and get some plastic push pins to put in the holes.

Come on Friday!!! >:)