Speed restriction

Hi all. Wondered if anyone knows the cost to restrict the top speed of a Twizy 80. The 45 is too slow for our roads (Bermuda) but the 80 is too fast. Our transport control department will likely require that the top speed be restricted to around 55kph. Does this need to be done prior to buying or can it be done easily by yourself? Many thanks.

Just out of curiosity, are all cars in Bermuda speed restricted to 55kmph?

@James sorry I somehow missed that I got a response. The answer to your question is no not all cars are restricted to 55kph. As of May 2016, the only vehicle other than a two-wheeled scooter available to rent in Bermuda will be the Twizy. We are hoping to have a few hundred on the island by the time the America’s Cup is underway towards the end of 2017. Because this is a tourism initiative the legislation requires that each Twizy is restricted to 55kph, the Bermuda speed limit btw is 35kph although the unofficial limit is nearer 50kph.

Any feedback on approx cost and ease of restricting a Twizy 80 to 55kph would be most appreciated. The extra 10kph is very valuable hence why the Twizy 45 is not an option for us.

The OVMS did the trick you ask for. BUT you ran out of luck. Since last week The OVMS is not available anymore. :disappointed_relieved: It will take till the second half of this year that it will be sold again (with an updated version).

AND If available again you can tune all your cars from a central point. You even can see where they are, how much juice is left in the batteries and what distance they have driven. You will get alerts by SMS or otherwise.

If you have more Scottish traits than your location does disclose you can do with only one OVMS to tune your whole fleet to the speed level you want. :smile:

Costs: approx €120 per unit.
Ease: you alter everything very easy. In ten seconds tops it’s fixed. Fast enough?

Go to http://dexters-web.de/ for more information.

That is very useful to know @shthpnz I had heard about OVMS but wasn’t really sure what it did. Do you know if this is something you can buy second hand? If I needed it by May or June could I find it anywhere?