Spotted - Eastcote - ruislip

Saw two twizy’s in Eastcote.
One with blue wheels the other black and white.
Anyone on here?

Hi, the Twizy with the blue wheels is me. I leave in Eascote near the station and I saw another Twizy a couple of times so it must be you or the third one! but 3 Twizys in one place it must be a miracle .

It will be 3 years next month that I have been driving around in my Twizy on my own. Nice to finally have some Twizy company. Must try to contact that third one and get together for a photo shoot.

How long have you been driving in the Twizy? Send me a personal message to exchange details.

Hi Eric,

I am Vijay, we exchanged a wave the other week.
Im in Northwood, had it about 3 months and love it so far…
Yes it’s a miracle with the number of Twizy’s around the area…

A photo shoot and meet up sounds good.


See if we can stop next time we cross pass each other… The weather is going to be crap all week-end so get ready!