Squeaks and Rattles

Because the Twizy is quite a noisy little vehicle, I tend to ignore all the extraneous noises. But recently I have been hearing a lot of squeaks and rattles. And of course once you start hearing them, you just can’t ignore them. So I decided to do a bit of investigation.
The problem and solution were so simple. It was simply the guides at the bottom of the doors that fit into the pins in the sill rubbing against each other. A little bit of lubricating grease has eliminated the problem totally. For good measure I put some on the guides and the locks of the doors too. Try it if you have the same problem.

This used to happen a lot early on. Another solution is to unscrew the locating bits in the door and re-align. This also allow you to adjust the door so it does not rub on the frame at the bottom. Just needs a Torque driver.

It can take some fiddling but is is easy. Loosen them all shut door and align then carefully open door without moving them and tighten them down. Well that’s the theory. :grinning:

I get a terrible squeak from the clear plastic piece on the off side at the front of the door. drives me nuts. Nothing a padded window wipe won’t fix by jamming between the right hand side of the dash board and the perspex.

Any ideas?

I’ve only had mine a few weeks and it rattles so much you feel it’s likely to fall apart.

I wondered how much of this was from the loose fitting rear seat so went for a drive with it removed.

I’m please to say that the rear seat accounts for about 95% of the rattles with my Twizy now sounding solid!

I’m in the process of looking for some suitable rubber to fit in strategic places.