Squeaky bum time!

Had a squeaky bum moment tonight driving my twizy. I had to make a 16 mile round trip with 21 miles range showing on my dash. I forgot to take into account the very steep hill (about 1.5miles long!) I got to where I was going with 5 miles showing on the range. I still had 8 miles to get home.Squeaky bum!! I drove very gingerly in both direction, sticking to 30 mph. Got to the top of the big hill showing 4 miles remaining. Coasted down the hill (using regenerative deceleration!). Made it home showing 2 miles remaining, but car had gone into limp home mode. Plugged it in with dash showing 3% charge remaining. Oh what fun!! Just shows what’s possible when you eak every last morsel from the traction battery. I should also add that it was dark, I had the lights on and the wipers because it was chucking it down!! Go me!!!

Wow. That was range anxiety alright!!

Well done ! Once left work with about 10 miles showing, it’s 8 to my house, forgot to charge it up. We did 20 mph when nothing was behind me .
Just made it back, very worrying, but a good challenge :smiley:

I made it home with 0 miles left showing once. It just about crawled up the drive before dying :stuck_out_tongue: