StabiGummis or Kit comfort?


What is the best damping solution for the twizy suspension? Kit comfort (not sure where to buy these) or the StabiGummis ( )


Hi, I’ve installed the “kit comfort” (ordered via FaceBook page of maker) because I never knew about the alternative. I’ve found the modification does really improve the smoothness of the ride, even though I wonder about the durability of the 3D printed plastic spacers (must say so far no pb of visible early wear). Do note that such modifications in theory can affect an essential security design feature of the Twizy (anti-roll bars). I’ve not noticed any worsening of the handling on the road, but there’s no telling how the mod would fare on uncommon / borderline situations. Just that my back couldn’t take the insults any longer (I also added a thin but very effective foam car seat cushion that is also extremely effective for back pain).

I’ve tried both, the StabiGummis are actually rock hard 3D printed plastic spacers. I think the theory is that it forces the roll bar to behave slighly differently (or perhaps forces more transfer of a bump to the other shock??? Anyway, I didn’t find them that effective.

The ComfortKit is more effective, certainly soaks up small bumps but I’ve yet to do much mileage since fitting as I did that at the start of lockdown. They are sold by an Italian chap called Stefano Martinelli, he’s totally legit and happy to help if you have any questions. You’ll find his ad on the Facebook group World of Twizy Market Buy / Sell / Share.


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The Stabigummis are too hard but worse they pulverised under frequent load. I advise not to buy them. Design failure.