Standard Twizy vs Twizy Cargo for domestic use?

I am looking to buy a Twizy in my coming months, ( have wanted one since I saw one in Bournemouth a couple years back) I have seen that they now offer a cargo version, which loses the rear seat.

I am in two minds as to which version to get. While the standard two seater allows for a passenger to be carried, the small poorly designed boot space means that larger items cannot be left in the vehicle when parked. The Cargo version on the flip side, has a large boot space, big enough to leave waterproofs, boots (walking, etc…) and bags for example in and allows for more shopping to be carried, but loses the ability to carry an extra person.

I do not see me needing to carry another person, as all family have a car to their own, which I have access to any of them if I need them, but I do not want to get a cargo version then regret I don’t have that extra seat. But likewise I do not want two get the standard Twizy with the two seats, and regret that I cannot leave bit in the car, knowing that it is safe to leave them.

What do you thing my outcome should be?


Welcome to the forum Owen. The best answer I can give is - one of each!

My Twizy is a standard and I would love to have a Cargo as well but my Twizy is an indulgence not a necessity so I can’t justify doubling my expenses.

I worried about security before I bought mine last August, then I bought a bag to fit on the back seat that conceals my shopping and “out of sight and out of mind” seems to have worked so far. I’m not, however, parking for hours in inner city locations.

The Cargo would be more secure but overall the extra seat has added to the fun factor, a number of friends and family have enjoyed a trip round the village.

I suppose in the end it comes down to cost. If you get a good deal you’ll be happy with your purchase, standard or Cargo. Take the plunge, you’ll love it.

Right I’ve had mine nearly 4 years and take it all over. The worse I’ve had is a parking ticket throw into it. However when I’m out walking in the Peak District (so solo) I use the Renault Twizy Bag to carry ‘stuff’. I also have a Large metal mesh that travelers use to secure their rucksack. It is a large metal net that has a draw string and a padlock. This secures anything in the bag on the back seat.

See Here

Welcome to the forum

Its a great debate to have with yourself, the other factor will be availability - during my search for a car over a couple of months, I only saw the one Cargo become available.

I also just use the back seat to put stuff on, but mine is also not left in city centres, but for those that don’t know, trying to open the door is not easy and although people can put there hand in the back, I now put things in the front foot well, as it is darker and harder to access.

Friends get in the back for a quick spin around the block in it, but I have only carried two proper passengers in nearly three months of ownership, so weigh up the amount of time you will be carrying people over the amount of stuff you would like to secure on a regular basis.

Remember the back seat comes off to expose a lockable space, which I just use to keep a scraper / deicer at the moment.

Or you can buy several of the rear racks available that you can mount a secure box on the back of the Twizy (aka motorcycle top-box) and then you have the best of both! Simples…

When I got my Twizy the Cargo wasn’t available. Given the choice now, I will go for the Cargo. I think the chances of you giving someone a lift in the back is minimal. The enclosed “boot” space of a Cargo is far more useful.
To overcome the problem of exposed items in the Twizy I have myself a box which fits perfectly behind the front seat. I put all my shopping inside the box, nothing of value, of course, and so far they have remained safe. Also notice that I have a “magazine holder” on either side of the seat which I put all sorts in. I drilled through the bottom of them and they are held in position by the studs that hold the mats down. Both box and mag holder are from Ikea.

Hi, this is an idea I might look into. Can you give any suggestions on some examples of rear racks. Thanks

Here’s my take on a similar solution, including carriage of essential fluids!

I think I read somewhere that only 7 Cargos have been sold in the UK but @osbrook will no doubt have the definitive answer.

Okay I’ll confirm your figures :grin:
7 UK Cargo’s registered

But so you can check see

My wife and I each have a Twizy. She owns a two seater I have a Cargo. She wanted the two seater to be able to be able to transport a human when she wants. I wanted the Cargo to transport my costume jacket and my office stuff without prying eyes. After some months of use the verdict is as follows.

I am really pleased with my choice. She is n’t. She wants a Cargo too. Here is why: More out-of-sight-space to drop all the stuff she buys and the draft is far less than the draft in a two seater. And that while I have constructed see-thru inserts for her in the back of the openings.

So if you want to buy a dutch 2013 black Twizy with panorama roof and 900 km (!) on it, give her a call :slight_smile:

I love those rear wind shields, look very professional. But doesn’t it make it more difficult to get in and out of the rear seat ?

Thanks for all of the responses so far. I think that I will go for the standard version, I can always design my own storage solution, to sit on the back seat, and still have the option of carrying a passenger, for the shorter trip, or with my mates. With the cargo on the other hand, while I have storage readily available, I may find it hard to add another seat, compared to making my own storage.

Plus, I have lockers at work, which I can keep the more valuable items in, and as osbrook and Cheekychappie have stated, it would not be too difficult to make or buy some sort of storage item, or put items in the foot wells. I am going to buy some of the Twizy windows from PowerSwitch, which will help to deter people from reaching into the Twizy too. (I hope). I can then put jacket, gloves, hat, umbrella, maps, ice scraper, etc… into the rear boot compartment, which while may be hard to access, is hidden away, and will not require constant access anyway.

There are also a lot more two seater Twizy’s available used online, that cargo’s, and when you do see one, it may be doorless, which I will not have, I love the Twizy but a set of doors is a must.

@K22MDL: not at all. The inserts are made by a member of the German Twizy board. The holders are ordered on BangGood.

Wow, those inserts look good, would love some to. Do they help a lot?

The lockable glove box is very deep and you will get most of those items in there. I use the unlocked glove box for my free scrapper and old terry nappy etc. Never had an issue.

As I don’t have windows I do need to dry the seat and have the nappy/ bar towel in there.

I do carry a rain jacket and extension lead etc in the boot. Never needed the jacket to drive the car only when out and about. But is is also useful to keep the passenger warm. So cartry hat and gloves for the passenger in the boot. The boot is not the cleanest place and gathers dust, this gets damp from condensation so good idea to bag stuff.

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@Lexy: Yes they do help a lot. The other solution are THESE of which you still can see the pushbutton holders on the inside in my picture. Very functional, but does not look as good.

The ones shown on the photo are made of Macrolon. A distinguist member on the German Forum (He is the hero who brought the OVMS to the Twizy community) published the how-to with measurements and all. If interested I give you the link (even with a kind of translation)

But the bottom line is: The Cargo does not need them.

Please yes. Give me the link. Im very interested. It may help keeping my son from catching a cold when i pick him up from school. :blush:

Can you also include the Banggood link for the ‘holders’ Thanks
or give us a description to search on. :smile:

@Osbrook: I gave it a topic of its own to unclutter this one :grin:


Very interesting what you say about the draft. I mentioned yesterday in my introduction topic that I’m interested in buying a Twizy and that I preferred
the cargo model.
But someone replied that the wind in the cargo is much more around the head. Can you help me out?