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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Stereo time

so I installed 2-6" mid into the dash 2-2" in the a-pilar I have 2-4" for the top (not installed yet) and a 8" sub woofer using a audio processor unit which will power on with the Twizy but run fully off its own battery. AND yes the back seat still fits :slight_smile:

Looking good. Interesting looking back seat flap.

Wow. Looks great!

Nice neat fit-very clever :cool:

How many watt is the amp? How many amp hour is the battery, & how will it charge… Thank you(nice work I love it)

900 watt amp 5 channels should go a full day or two. should stagy alive longer then the distance I can drive. This is the same type stereo that my campagna trex has which is a motorcycle and we designed it to be fully independent of the charging system.
I use a standard trickle charger to charge the same time as the twizy.

completed rear

Wow looks good, should go for a day or 2… That’s great what amp you’re is that battery… as that quite a bit of power 900w… I like the sub it’s really flat…is it a pioneer.


Next thing, a slide-out 10" TV from the drivers seat, a bum-warmer, neons, and Mr Xzibit ain’t got nuffin on this ting’