Sticking brakes

Hi - has anyone got a solution to the brakes sticking? I have not used my Twizy for 3 days and I went out in it tonight but had to put some force on the pedal to finally release the brakes and move (after releasing the handbrake). Thereafter, the brakes were scraping constantly. It did get a bit better towards the end of my journey but still scraping - and being silent and with no windows, it was quite annoying. It has been rained on very heavy for two days… any ideas how to stop this?

Any ideas how to stop the brakes sticking? I have not used my Twizy for 3 days and it has been rained on quite hard. When I went for a trip tonight, I released the handbrake and had to push the accelerator quite hard to move the car - after a loud thud when the brakes released. The brakes then scraped for the whole journey. Quite annoying when you have a silent car and no windows :frowning: Any ideas?

Ok, I just read you 3 posts :).
The only way to stop this issue, is to either not let it get wet, or dont leave it standing for 3 days. I leave mine outside most of the time, and it suffers this problem if its damp . It would help if you left the handbrake off, but obviously this may not be possible. Having just fitted a hub on mine, I have removed the disc at the front, and have to say they are going to be very expensive. The assembly is quite intricate, and as Twizy’s are rare, I cant imagine an aftermarket replacement. I think we will be needing replacements after about 2 years, so try to keep them dry.

Yeah - sorry but I was having some problems posting this thread - hence my third attempt! The car is on a slight slope so I need to apply the handbrake - not sure how I can keep all of the wheels dry though… I could try some other way to allow the brake to stay off. I assume that the scraping will eventually stop if kept dry etc. I have tried some heavy braking and running to try to stop this scraping but it is still there…

Same happened to mine, pads rust onto discs in damp weather, plus there is a OTS recall for calipers which mine had looked at.

As with all brakes, surface rust is normal but is more noticable on the Twizy as you can hear it and the car does short, low speed driving with little brake use which means the rust builds up rather than gets cleaned off on a normal car. I found that I had to run a couple of hard emergency stops on nearly every run in order to keep the brake noise reasonable and lessen the drag of the pads on the rust.

Check with dealer that yours is needed in for brake recall, if they check it and it is all ok, just use the brakes hard a few times each journey to clear the rust.

hi- thanks for your advice. I have done the emergency braking part already and physically they do not appear rusty in the slightest… I did get my Twizy from the dealer who had been using it as a demo since April 2012 - therefore, assuming that they would have looked at the calipers with the recall? It is quite annoying now - been out it in a few times and still scraping constantly… :redface:

Get the dealer to check the OTS recall was done and also to see if pad is still stuck on its backing (they can separate if overheated by caliper dragging) or if there is a stone or similar embedded in it.

It will be sortable, but you will always have the rusty discs issue on the Twizy if kept outside and used in the wet, unless you keep braking hard.

Thanks - I will seek their advice. Also, I think I am going to go down the ‘leave the handbrake off’ route and maybe get some wheel covers to protect them from the rain… I will let you know the outcome

Taken it back to two different Renault dealers and they say that the brakes are working fine. They have cleaned them up and say there is nothing else that they can do. I am going to take it to a brake specialist next. I am so close to just paying to replace the whole system as it is driving me nuts :redface: still love my little ren though!

A few people have commented on noisy brakes-I guess it is more noticeable as they are so close to you and there is no glass keeping the noise out.
Mine were always a bit noisy-a characteristic of the model, not a fault…:wink:

Yup - it’s yet another downside of these electric cars. You can hear birds sing, and the sound of the tyres of your own and other vehicles. Our community now has a Kangoo Maxi electric van, which is eerily quite, especially when you shut the windows on your own tyre and brake noise.

Yeah you’re all right. However, I don’t mind all of those noises, tyres, suspension etc… but this scraping is excessive and Renault have now found a fault with them. To be fair they have been very good and have looked after me - I know I am pro Renault!! :lol: I need some new part ‘on back order’ so will wait to see how long that takes! Meanwhile, it is disrupting my enjoyment somewhat.

Yup - it’s yet another downside of these electric cars. You can hear birds sing, and the sound of the tyres of your own and other vehicles.

Until I got my Twizy I never realised that so many cars now have Stop / Start technology :smiley:


So it’s not just me. I too have noticed this, or is just more cars stall, possibly while trying to be a s quiet as a Twizy. :lol:

What was the fault?

I noticed my Twizy has had the scraping sound for a while…

I haven’t spoken to the technician yet - but they are replacing the front discs and pads. I am not sure how this will resolve it or more importantly how to stop it happening again. There is no doubt that rain caused this and I can’t always protect the front wheels from rain…

In my experience, the following will help:

  1. Take your twizy out on a nice quiet road with good visibility and weather conditions.
  2. Accelerate to top speed.
  3. Firmly brake with consistent pressure. Don’t lock the wheels up, but slow down quickly enough that you’ll use the friction brakes as well as regenerative braking.
  4. Rinse and repeat. It always gets rid of the scraping, squeaking for me. Failing that, take the wheels off, and make sure there’s nothing stuck in the brakes. I’ve also used Motorcycle disk brake cleaner on my Twizy and that’s helped too.

Thanks for the tips. Just to be clear though - this scraping happens constantly as I drive along. I wouldn’t mind if it only happened as I braked but it happens as I drive along - all of the time :redface:

I can confirm this too. My brakes were noisy for days after I left it outside for a week and it wasnt until I braked heavily from 50mph to a stop that the scraping ceased.

Been away for 3 weeks. Took the Twizy out this morning, expecting scraping noises from the brakes which is normal even for normal cars because of surface rust on the discs. Nope, right from the word go, it didn’t make a noise at all. It was left out in the open while I was away. Either I have been lucky or you guys have been very unlucky with your brake problems. If anything the Twizy was going better and smoother than ever. Mind you I had the windows off which I find help a lot with the refinement.