Sticking Heated Window Switch?

Yet another minor problem has reared its head on my ‘Aging’ Twizy…
Just turned 14,000 miles and the heated screen switch has decided to start sticking.
The heated screen comes on when just using the wipers and I also had it come on going over speed humps!
Takes me ages to actually turn it off again.
I will try giving it a spray with WD40 to see if it helps (Along with the Hazard Switch!)
Like I have said previously, my Twizy has had full Windows fitted since day one and also garaged every night so it does not get damp like a windowless Twizy :grinning:


I have exactly the same problem, but it is very intermittent. So I just ignore it.

Mine was intermittent but is getting much worse.
Last night it took me ages to get it to switch off :slightly_frowning_face:


Mine just started doing this too but has started behaving itself again.maybe a relay is sticking or a faulty switch.

I drowned the Heated Screen Switch and the Hazard Switch in WD40 tonight :grinning:
Will see tomorrow if things improve.


It should work pretty well immediately if it going to work at all. .Press the button/twist the stalk many times to work it in - it helps clean the contacts aided by the WD.

anybody had any luck with this? the last few days my windshield heating lamp is ON almost immediately after starting my Twizy, and I can’t get it to switch off now.

Mine does that occasionally. Switch off the ignition and switch on again and usually it goes off. If it doesn’t work, repeat until it does.

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The Stalk needs replacing.
I fitted one off of a Clio (I think…)
There’s a thread somewhere on this site


Mine is intermittent, I find fiddling with the switch while moving the stalk either towards or way from you does it. If it gets really bad I may fit a separate switch or in the summer just remove the fuse.

The stalk change is a lot neater but takes a while to do.

Mine occasionally comes on by itself too.

It also seems to have three positions, which I’m not sure is normal?

Whether it’s on the blank part or 0 doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Momentarily twisting it fully, to the heated screen symbol, toggles between on or off.

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Sometimes that works but it gets worse. Mine also has 3 positions.

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I just removed the fuse as I never use it!


these are all really interesting replies. Over the last week, it happened about 50% of the time that I had to start, saw the light, restart, everything was fine. Fiddling with it after i start driving simply doesn’t work, a restart is necessary.
Besides having the annoying light on, i assume that the windshield heating is actually ON (summer), so I’m wasting battery?

I would be interested in the stalk replacement (ill have a look on the site) and the separate switch option, @osbrook - you’re saying just rewire and drill a hole somewhere to install a switch?

Mine also has 3 positions @peter-ss, i’ve always been confused by this.

Yes but does the switch even need to be seen. Not used that much.