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Sticky Scissor Door

I love my scissor doors but I noticed that one of them doesn’t fit as well as the other. That is when you pull the latch the door needs a good nudge before it elegantly lifts upwards. I noticed that one of the rotational hinges definitely protrudes from the car more than the other and it not a result of an accident.
I’m a bit reluctant to drop it back to renault because I’m not convinced that their service guys will have enough experience to trim the door hinges for a perfect fit.
Has anyone else had this issue?

My doors are not as ‘springy’ as they were and it really depends on the angle the car is parked out.

I know what you mean about the hinge looking as if it sticks out further. I spent some time looking at this and then decided it was the angle I was looking at them and they the hinge cover fits round.

If it doesn’t open when you first pull the handle check that the door guides are aligned and not slipped. Look along the bottom of the door card.
One of mine was badly set and the door has rubbed on the lower body work leaving scratches. I have adjust that one out a bit ( move the clip towards the inside of the car). This also made the door start to open better and shut smoothly.

As the doors cannot be removed or doors fitted to a car as an extra, then there is going to be issues getting this sorted. **Anders **may know better has he has had the door card off to fit the remote door controls.

I have noticed that one of my doors has become “sticky” the passenger side opens as normal however the drivers door sometimes does get stuck (hovers above the lock) and needs a gentle nudge and then opens. From having a look it appears to be the hydraulic strut for me where the driver door is the main door that is opened the rubber seal has worn more and appears to be gripping on the silver runner thus causing more friction and slowing down the travel rate.

Spoken to Renault and they are going to talk a look next time i am near the dealer the other thing i have noticed is the doors tend to stick if on a angled slop, in my opinion the hydraulic struts are not powerful enough for the door weight and this will become more clear when people add “windows” the weight i think will mean you have to give it a little nudge more often :wink:

Renault person i spoken to said the doors where designed not to “fling” open and require a gentle nudge but i am not so sure, i think the struts need a minor upgrade and perhaps one to add to the todo list more so now i have fitted remote lock and open (will upload a video this afternoon)

However Jmayo from what i have seen the doors would not require any trim or cutting a simple adjustment on the joint bolt should fix the issue if the doors are misaligned and i would recommend a service visit to Renault they are pretty simple so dont think they can get an worse due to lack of experience.

===EDIT 04/08/12 ===
Having worked on the doors more today and taking them off my first thoughts on the hydraulic struts is now changed, the struts are very powerful by hand you are unable to close them once opened its only when you have leverage the struts close easy so with the size of the door this is what makes them look not that powerful but they in fact are! so apologies on that

Well its reassuring that mine isn’t the only car with sticky doors. The most annoying aspect of it is when I’m driving along and a door lifts open by itself because it hadn’t closed properly. its always the same door each time so I think I’ll mention to Renault when I service it.

Well that’s true and mine (the drives door) has done that twice in the last week never before. i thought I just hadn’t shut it properly.

Not had a door open on me yet but one to watch out for, had it happened to me i would have said the same as Osbrook in not closing properly. Keep us updated on Renault say on inspection Jmayo please would be interested to see what the outcome is.

I have noticed that my car won’t drive with the door open, so does your car stop if it opens en route ?
I tried to move it a few feet the other day withe the door up and it won’t drive.

I’ve driven with the doors open, no problem here.

+1 not had an issue with the doors open and driving, not sure if it was because it was already in drive will have to try neutral, open the door then select drive but from what i have seen working on the doors i have not seen any electrics to stop it from working?!?!

I can drive with my doors open. Not a good idea but can be done.

Just out of curiosity, is it illegal to drive the twizy with doors open? Since there is a door less version I see no reason why not or even that the doors could be damaged in doing so.

Strangely enough, I tried it today again, and the car moved fine, weird. Must have been mistaken before.
Its odd moving at all with the doors open, as you cant see the mirrors.

Driving withthe dors open is very dangeous as they swing shut on you. Okay I acept a few feet is ok.

Neither of my doors open without help. One feels freer than the other but I am putting it down to being new. They might free up.

There are two catches/guides on the bottom of the door-I adjusted mine to stop it squeaking and when I went too far, the door needed help opening.
Try adjusting these before going to a dealer-its only a torx bolt.

They release when the catch is pulled but then lift about 10-15cms then stay there, with a nudge they may move another 30cm.

spoke to my renault dealer yestaday (about a Zoe) and casually mentioned doors sticking, he said to bring it in and they would fix it straight away.
Of course you could have a go yourself but if you get it wrong Renulat dealer wont be pleased. I was in the Renault West showroom a few weeks ago and was trying all the doors of the Twizys there, they all seemed to open fully from just a flick of the catch- no sticking or stopping halfway- insist on this action from your dealer and nothing less.

Re stopping halfway-gas struts are affected by temperature and don’t work as well in the cold; if a Twizy sits in a warm showroom they will work better than a Twizy left overnight in the cold weather. I think the struts are not strong enough for cold weather as mine are lazy already and the doors need lifting up past half way-they work well in the sunshine though.

i’m going to insist that it is a warm sunny day when I pick mine up from servicing:)

Here’s a solution, I won’t change the struts, I’ll move to Ibiza :lol: