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Sticky Throttle Part 2

Well today was the day that Twizy was traded in for a Citroen C-Zero. What was interesting is that RCI wanted to charge the dealer who took my Twizy as part x, a battery rental prior to selling… As mine was going straight to a Renault dealer, this was amusing. I have to maintain my payment until I have had the all-clear from RCI. Any way I am now Twizy-less but it didn’t leave without a fight. I have put on three short video’s of my journey to work after a rainy morning with warm weather. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbwCSwuo3DQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKCcP4SofhQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0dR5sOd0DM I think it clearly shows why the Twizy had to go.

My throttle sticks just like that, it’s been really bad lately, especially after a cool or damp night.
I really think Renault should recall all cars for this, it’s only a matter of time before someone goes badly hurt or worse because of this fault. That video clearly shows the fault exactly as Mender and I have always maintained we have had , and probably many more.

OMG This needs to be sent to Renault & reported to vospa or whoever to force a recall someone could get hurt. It’s bad, and looks like you are not alone.

Sadly the video was shot too late, after I had been pumping the pedal to be able to move it back to the house-if I caught it at first, it would show it sticking down for 5-10 seconds

Note: video posted by RogerNews on youtube


I still maintain it is due to incorrect grease on the throttle return spring being used, which thickens in cold, damp conditions-it takes overnight in outside temperatures of below 2 degree in damp conditions for it to happen. I would hazard a guess that colder places (such as Germany in winter) are having this issue too and it will only be a matter of time before an independent tester* blames Renault for the fault and for the fact they issued a red OTS for it and then denied there are any issues. Mine was classed as being “out of the number range” for replacement but you can see it stuck.

*along the lines of “Aircraft Investigation” when someone gets hurt or dead and they or their family sue Renault

It needs sorting. Those with garaged Twizys will think this is extreme talk-but you, RogerNews and I really know how it is… Still absolutely gobsmacked RNs has not rejected his or kicked up an almighty stink. Mine was sorted and sold, but trust me, if I was in Roger’s position, things would be thermo-nuclear by now >:(

Those with garaged Twizys will think this is extreme talk

Not for a second!
I garage my Twizy and have not yet (touch wood…) had this fault show up.
But it needs sorting NOW!

Its a pity that Watchdog has just finished, they would have loved this story…


Get some names together and send them the renault HQ, they will crap it then… And have to do something… This is really dangerous.

Mine is garaged at night and I have not had the issue. However It is parked outside all day and I have posted pictures of it at work with snow inside, Also I have left it out when away in the heavy frosts.

However I am concerned that it might happen to mine.

Can those with the the problems DM each other (Volunteer?) with serial numbers and see if there is a batch with the same issue, like the brakes etc.
It might just be a batch of grease that was not to spec.

I’ll collate all the numbers, however it would be better that someone with the issue does it so they can explain to Renault.


Mine’s sadly gone-PM jeffinergiraffe for numbers :wink:

The problem is not relevant today as it is warm-Renault tested and “could not find a fault”, but stick a few Twizys in a refrigerated lock up for long enough they will display the fault.

Come on Renault, it’s only bloody grease-sort it before someone gets hurt.

Problem has been seen by:
Lightly-experiences in cold, damp weather, but been ok so far
RogerNews-caused him to crash it, Renault “tested” it, he had to claim on his insurance and be without car for months-now happening again
Me(nder)-had a VERY near miss a few yards from my house in 0 degrees AFTER being told my throttle pedal was “out of the number range” for recall, had it recovered, demanded swap

As well as being a potential danger, the fact Renault is letting it go on is causing YOUR Twizy to depreciate due to unresolved reliability issues/safety concerns.

It needed Roger to get an independent engineers report and reject his own car to start off the process-I really can’t understand why he has not done this as he is fully entitled to a refund and this would be DOUBLE what he would get if he tried to sell now, plus he should get payment for inconvenience and lack of replacement vehicle.

Come on Roger.*
Come on Renault.

Enough said :rolleyes:

*EDIT: just read RogerNews traded his in for C-Zero-was the easy way out, but must have cost ££££, can understand wanting no hassle but could not lose ££££ myself!

Let’s just say it was among the reasons why I sold mine …

Belatedly read this, cannot understand why you did not reject it and get a full refund rather than lose money-and set a precedent for other owners.

These videos show the fault perfectly-proving Renault’s tests were wrong-and would have got you a full refund for the Twizy and compensation for the hassle.

Why oh why oh why?

My throttle is still sticking in this weather, just needs an evening of slight damp air and a large temp change overnight, lets say down to 10 degrees tomorrow, and I guarantee it will do it in the morning.
My son who shares the run to work in the Twizy, goes mad at me in the mornings for not sorting it, but I just don’t have the time to take a day off. We sit there in the morning pumping the throttle about 20 times before we can drive off, or it does 15 mph on its own :frowning:

please stop driving it

Oh-I thought it was a cold thing from my own experience, but it sounds like it’s a damp thing instead. It made sense that grease thickened in cold conditions, but I wonder how the damp causes it?

Take some video evidence like Roger and you’ll have evidence if you need to deal with Renault-but you will also incriminate yourself if you keep driving and crash 8-|

As you bought yours new, give them one chance to properly fix it after writing to them explaining the fault and then if it remains unfixed you have grounds to reject it if you want to.
I loved driving my Twizy but would not keep the enthusiasm if this keeps happening-Renault know about the fault, issued a red OTS but have not contacted owners at all.

However much you like it, it’s dangerous at present :frowning:

Reading all this makes me nervous I must admit, even though I know that Mender sorted out this problem before I bought his Twizy. When I first drove my Twizy in “spring” the temperatures were down below zero for days on end. We had blizzards over the run up to Easter and unbelievably bitter winds. Then it rained constantly through May and the temperatures dipped down to freezing quite a few times. It killed off my plants and fish but the Twizy had no problems at all. I don’t have a garage so it is exposed to the elements day and night at home and at work. I must be very lucky but I wonder how many overall have had this problem around Europe. It is driven in every country - cold and hot - even in the Alps.

I agree with Mender - if my Twizy failed even once that would be more than I would put up with. I would phone my local Renault dealer, tell them to collect it (too dangerous to drive) and leave it with them until it was sorted. I bought a brand new Smart Roadster in 2003 and for the first two months I probably only had it for about two weeks overall because I sent it back time and again for a fault that they could not fix. I demanded my money back and hassled them until it was sent away to a dealer with more expertise and finally it was sorted out. I also demanded - expected - a courtesy car until I was fully satisfied.

We all have rights and need to stand up for them otherwise fellow Twizy drivers will be the losers as the bad publicity pushes the resale price down and down. We also need to very mindful of the fact that we could either kill ourselves or someone else on the road if we cannot stop our cars. If you were seen to be aware of the fault - well I dread to think what the police would say. None of it adds up to me - why would anyone use a car that could end up in an accident? I would rather walk.

This is my throttle sticking, managed to get it on vid, its been fine all summer, but the temps are dropping now, and dampness in the morning is quite bad now early on.
I would like to point out that my car was in the dealers 6 days ago, and there was "no fault " with the accelerator.
They obviously thought I was making it up to get a free part replaced .


Is it the actual pedal that sticks? Could you spray some Lithium grease down there? As it’s good stuff.

The pedal mechanism is in a sealed box, so there is no way to lubricate it unfortunately.

I’m assuming the remedial action is to hit the N button? Once you re-engage, does it re-set, or go hareing off at speed again?

No, I either pull,the pedal back off with my foot, or stamp it down quickly, either usually knocks it off.
Obviously with the low power of the Twizy, it’s not massively dangerous, but at low speeds you could easily hit a car, or maybe a person when manoeuvring.

No, I either pull,the pedal back off with my foot, or stamp it down quickly, either usually knocks it off.
Obviously with the low power of the Twizy, it’s not massively dangerous, but at low speeds you could easily hit a car, or maybe a person when manoeuvring.[/quote]

Ah - so it’s not a surge as such, just like a cruise control that doesn’t disengage! They’ll probably market it as a feature?