Stiff doors

Just wondering who else suffers from stiff doors?

Mine aren’t even due to the cold weather, they literally never open on their own. I have to always push them up.

I also have a problem with the right door as when I pull the handle it doesn’t get released from the catch. I have to pull the handle, and then pull/push the door away from the Twizy in order for it to be released and able to open. Anyone else had this problem?

Mine only sloth because of the cold. Inside/indoors/heated they are OK. The alignment with the catch and the pin locators sounds out on yours.

Mine are both stiff and at one point both have had the issue that not even the catch releases the door. That was solved with a blast of Wd40 (other brands available) and worked a treat. Less time than getting a Renault mechanic scratching his head and trying everything and not solving it.

hoping when summer comes the doors will open as advertised. Some times I give them a workout of taking them from one extreme to the other ( not in the 50 shades of grey sense) this appears to lossen them up a bit.

The gas struts will be sluggish this weather.
On my petrol Microcar this weather the rear hatch will not stay open, but in the summer it works fine.


I had a sticky door on my Twizy. One trip to Renault London later and the problem was sorted. Be careful with sticky doors because sometimes you think theyve closed and then they suddenly pop open whilst riding along the road.


Mine were the same and 2 mins fiddling with the catches and a torx tool by trial and error, sorted.
All the door torx bolts loosen all the time with vibration, they need tightening monthly on mine.

Mine don’t really open on their own, bit of a pain, as you have to lift them and he lower door edge can be filthy in this weather.

Exactly the same as mine. Will take it into Renault when I get a chance.

Two issues here:

1/ not lifting straight off the catch with one finger on the inner lever
This is due to the catches on the lower door edge x2 being out of line, I find mine need regular adjustment to open easily AND not squeak constantly-in my own experience, i would get the correct torx key and learn how to do it, or you’ll be back at Renault monthly for what is an easy job

2/ doors slow to rise and need helping to lift to top (assuming windows or mods which add weight are NOT fitted)
This is due to the gas filled struts/lifters in the doors being set up with the correct pressure for warmer climates, but not having enough ooomph in our cold weather. Either complain en masse to Renault to get them to fit higher pressure lifters, or live with it until the cold weather goes away and they work normally again.

If you live next to your Renault dealer, then getting them to sort it is easy, but every single door torx bolt shakes loose with the vibration and unless they seal the threads with thread-lock, it will keep happening. I keep the tool in the dash and tighten them frequently.

Glad I landed on his topic here.
Having the. Same issue. Popped to Renault some two odd months back, nothing, “it’s normal” said. It was stiff slow rising with much help needed to get them open.

Fair play but its 1c ATM. With Twizy being sold in UK market, so whatever the reason, this ought to be a Renault job to sort out once and for all. can’t imagine all strut- like systems being sluggish in winter afterall, and those on my Leaf for example worked absolutely fine on colder mornings.

Only one way to find out. Gonna pop to Renault later.
But first, gonna make some videos for “evidence”.

PPS which/ where are these torx tighten-needing screws located?

@Evmeerkat Don’t you have those strange things that were never intended for the Twizy - Windows. They will really affect the way the door goes up. If you really want the door to spring up with windows fitted then change the struts as per the other thread for stronger ones.

Well, they are on on-off basis.
They’re off now.
Just filmed the issue, will upload shortly.

See here

@Christian suggests there may be an issue with the Stop point breaking if they go up too fast. ie. you take the windows off and it hits the stop hard

On my second service (2nd year) I reported to the dealer that the offside door wasn’t lifting automatically. They changed the “springs” on both doors under warranty and they worked fine after that. Must say recently they are starting to slow down. The cold weather doesn’t help, I suppose.