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Straight Spline Hobs , Sprocket Hobs , steelmansgears

Involute Gear Hobs for generating gears of maximum accuracy, manufactured in finishing, pre-shaving with or without protuberance and semi topping profiles. Manufacturers and exporters of Gear Hobs, Gear Cutters, Sprocket hobs, Hub Type Shaper Cutters, Chamfer Hobs, Straight Spline Hobs, Spline Hobs, Involute Gear Hobs, Inserted Blade Gear Hobs

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[TD=“width: 103, align: left”][Straight Spline Hobs[URL=“http://www.steelmansgears.com |/sprocket-hobs.htm”]Sprocket HobsGear Cutters](“http://www.steelmansgears.com/spiral-cutters.htm”)