Strange smell from Twizy

Hello all,

In the last few days i’ve noticed an odd smell from the Twizy, It’s not quite burning but more like sewage :nauseated_face:
I do have a power box and don’t let the battery or motor temp get too high. Could this be gearbox maybe?
Today’s short journey was 3 miles and the smell is almost instant after a short drive.
Has anyone had a similar experience?



Check your brakes - touch the centre of each wheel to see if one is hotter then the others. Careful if they are hot it hurts!

Then if not that check the status of the 12V battery visually, these can swell and smell.

I took it on another drive this evening.
There’s smoke and a hissing sound coming from
the front.

Confirmed it’s the battery, now it seems swollen and no way of getting it out.

I did say.

Yes thank you! Glad I took out the extended warranty now.

First thing is beware if acid has leaked out, don’t get it on your hands. Wash the area with lots of water.

To extract remove the connectors and then the plastic cover so you can see as much of the battery as possible. Then it is a matter of brute force. There is no way to reduce the swelling.

In theory it should just be stuck in, as it is a tight(ish) fit to start with. Then the grim that gathers around it plus the swelling makes it very hard to get out. There is nothing else you can do to free the side frame that hold the battery in.

What did other s do as this is not the first case?

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What we have not worked out is why they do this, as not every one does. The 12V charger spec is different on the 2 different chargers the Twizy has been supplied with, however both appear to be able to supply more amps than the battery can take with out issues and swelling.

Therefore it has to be with load, or a batch of faulty batteries. We are not going to have enough information on the swelled batteries as most get binned. Mine had not swelled at 6 years so I Swapped it just in case and still have it as there is nothing wrong with it.

These little batteries are not that powerful and a large load will flatten then quickly, but then the on board charger should assist with that load by supplying power from the traction battery. I wonder if additional load on the 12V side causes all the power go into the battery and the high current damages the battery causing it to get hot gas and expand.

Those who’s battery as expanded can you say what loads you have on?
ie. lights
Parrot, or Radio/Audio
Some heater.
Power Box

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Yes I have, and also had problems with e 12v battery letting me down. I replaced it today, and the old one was all blown up like a balloon, with acid leaking out, and this was the source of the smell! Remove the number plate panel, 2 x 10mmm bolts underneath and 2 plastic studs on the side, then disconnect the negative terminal under a small cover (27mm torx) 2 more 10mm bolts to remove battery retainer and you can inspect your battery! They are known to have issues. Battery from Renault is £120, youcan get it here for £49.99!