Strange sounds coming from the rear brakes

I have now been driving my Twizy daily for just over a year (purchased 19th July 2014… a September 2013 ex Renault demo with 414 miles) and had no issues apart from the warning hazard switch that only seems to works when bashing the dashboard. It reminds me of my dad’s early Renault 5!

I took the Twizy for a drive yesterday after 2 weeks sitting on the drive with the handbrakes on. First I had the usual friction sound I always get when it has been sitting for a while, it always goes away after a few miles and long braking sessions but I now have a new more worrying sound coming I believe from the rear brakes.

It is difficult to describe it with my French accent but the brakes seems to stomp repeatedly when applied!!! Not physically as the Twizy slows down normally but the sound is.

I have to admit that after driving for nearly 8000 miles I have never checked the brake fluid level and therefore never took the front cover off to check the liquid level as It seems impossible to remove without braking it. I have watched the Youtube video from Christian Dehais and will try it on Sunday.

Could it be that (I will let you know) but after nearly 2 years since new I believe the Twizy is due for a service in September but I have not seen the service light come on yet.

Are you kidding me!!?? :laughing:
The Twizy is not so sophisticated that it has a warning light to tell you that a service is due. When the SERV light stays on, it means trouble!! You have got a problem, It doesn’t mean to get it serviced.
Aren’t you supposed to have it serviced after the first year and then 2 years after that? That’s what my dealer told me.

No the Service light is justfor when the Twizy is broken. Not a warning, or it needs servicing.

Mine came new with 4 years warrenty and 4 services. 4 services one a year.

Thanks for the info… I forgot the Twizy is the 2CV of the 21st century :wink:

The brake fluid was find when I checked this morning as well as the many small spiders hiding under the cover!

When I went to collect the ex demo Twizy the Renault dealer told me it will be serviced before (But no stamp on the book) so I guess it is one year and a few weeks & I will book it for a free service. But before I do that I will take the Twizy to my trusty local garage to change the rear tyres and checked the brake pads & if they happened to be below the limit I will ask the garage to change the pads as I don’t want Renault to do it… must order the pads from one of the contact I have seen of the forum.

May be more than pads. You say your car has been sat for a few weeks outide then the Brake cylinders start to corrode and do not retract properly. This can take a garage a few extra hours to resolve. :disappointed: