Strange Vibration

I’ve had my Twizy for three years now and it’s just coming upto 14,000 miles :smile:
I keep getting a strange vibration thru’ the car that you can hear and feel.
It lasts for for about 1/2 second and then disappears and it does not do it again for a few days.
It always seems to happen at the same place on my regular commute!
This is what happens…
I drive out of my village and its then 1.5 miles flat out at 52mph.
I then come into a 40mph zone and as I slow down that’s when I sometimes get the vibration.
The vibration feels like the car is running over rumble strips (which it isn’t!)
It’s very strange so does anyone have any ideas?


Brake disc warping?

No, if it was a warped disc it would do it all the time.
I get the vibration when slowing down without braking just on regen.
The fault only shows every other day or so…
Makes me wonder if it’s related to the regen???


Sounds like an abnormality of the Regen motor. A bearing maybe? Causes then shaft to vibrate at a certain rpm?