Stuck parking break

I’ve bought an 2013 Twizy, but sometimes i’m having problems to put down parking brake. It seems that the button doesn’t works every time. When this situation occurs i need to make a little workaround to unlock it, but since the car is to be used by my son, i would like to make it functional.

Does anyone have or had this problem?

If this happens to me it is because I haven’t got the foot brake depressed hard enough. Push the brake pedal harder and it should free off.

Nope, thats not the problem on my Twizy. Twizy as a solenoid that locks the hand brake release, thats the reason that we have to apply brake and have the ignition on, but in my Twizy sometimes the solenoid doesn’t unlock. Could be a problem with the solenoide or with the switch on the brake, i will deepen in the question and i will say anything later.

Hi, had the same problem, and Renault replaced the whole assembly for £280 as i could not unlock the handbrake. Now everytime I press the the brake peddle there is a much louder click from the solenoid.

I’ve solved the problem. The problem was on the hand break switch. If this switch won’t detect that the hand break is pulled then the solenoid doesn’t unlock when we apply break. Solved!

Same issue as mentioned a number of times. Easy fix just to bend the switch back into position.