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Studded Winter tyres - Sizes

Hi everyone,

My name is Anton, new user but been reading a lot here lately.

I’m about to downsize to a Twizy and are really looking forward to try it out in the Swedish winter! However, because no assist from ESP or ABS are present it would be a peace of mind to equip the Twizy with proper north-european studded winter tyres.

My favourite brand is Nokian and the Hakkapeliitta 7 do exist in 155/80 R13.

The question would then be; has anyone tried this size of tyres on a Twizy?
The front and rear rims have the same width and if it fits in the back it should do it in the front (except for the mudflaps).

Any help, suggestions or other ideas are more than welcome!!

/Anton from Sweden

I would think that clearance between the mud guards may be a problem .

Maybe, but that could probably be an easy fix.

@ecofunkytravel Your “offroad” Twizy build is very impressive, what tyre size do you use? Also, do you know what kind of suspension they did install to get the softer setup?

Many thanks

I’m sorry to say I have no idea what the tyre sizes on Toro are, and since he’s now on Eigg, I can’t easily check. Here’s a side on photograph, though. As you can see, the front and rear tyres are all the same size, and big enough to raise the ground clearance quite a bit. The mud guards still fit round the tyres, but their mounting arms had to be extended by a couple of centimetres. The suspension was also raised slightly, and the anti-roll bars removed to soften up the suspension and ensure that all 4 wheels stay on the ground more of the time on uneven surfaces.

Since the Twizy is a very efficient vehicle, these modifications come at some cost in energy and range - about 20% as far as we can tell. This is acceptable where he is now (he only gets charged once a week) but wouldn’t suit everyone. Bigger, grippier tyres have greater hysteresis (I believe) and so some of the extra energy is used “charging them up” when you move off. The rest of the loss probably comes from the additional weight of the tyres and the carrying rack (about 40kg).

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll let the community know when the tyres arrive how the impact on range and noise is with studded tyres. It will probably be the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 155/80R13.

I an living in Denmark and change to winter tires every winter. That works and even som range is lost, it is not much

Sounds great! What brand/model of winter tyre do you use, and do you know what sizes front and rear?

I have taken a picture for you of my summer tires. The winter tires are most like of the same brand. I think that the dimensions are the same. Perhaps a little wider. I just asked my Renault Twizy dealer to get winter tires, and I am satisfied with them. I have never been skidding even in the most slippery snow. I need you mail address to send you the picture. Good luck. You can change the tires yourself even though the garage do not charge me much to do that for me.

The dimensions of for and rear are the same

Some Twizy owners to be ask questions about windows and heating systems and are not comfortable with the idea of driving in the winter in a Twizy.

I have windows but don’t use them any more. I have never felt the need for a heating system. The heating system in the front window does its work well.

Apart from driving in the winter in Denmark, I every winter rent a Twizy in the ski ressort of Valberg in the Maritime Alps. It is just working and neither there I use windows.

I am planning to by an ATV trailer, so I can take my Twizy to far away places in the dunes, in the forests and in the mountains. I can drive Twizy everywhere, and it is funniest and most practical device I have ever bought. Any distance summer and winter less than 10 km I drive in my Twizy.

My normal car is bored in my garage so much that I have to charge its battery occasionally.

Dear All,
what is the size and brand of wheels ?