Suge is in tha house

What’s up people?

I had been thinking about getting a Twizy for a few months now but was umming and ahhing as I already owned a car which was just as rare and awe inspiring as a Twizy but unfortunately that went up in flames two weeks ago. At that point i guess my choice was made for me…

I will be buying second hand to avoid the depreciation and look forward to sharing my journey with you guys.


Good luck with the hunt and welcome to the family!

Welcome. You won’t regret getting the Twizy, such a fun car. Good luck with your search.
Go on then, tell us what this awe inspiring car you had previously.

My last car was this, a Brabus Roadster Coupe

Nice! I had the same in silver

Nice !!!
What?? It went up in flames. How the hell did that happen? Bet you were gutted.
Good excuse to get the Twizy now.

How coincidental! Why did you get rid of your Brabus? and how is the Twizy in comparison to that?

Long story short. My car cut out so I asked to have it recovered to a garage of my choice by RAC, RAC said they weren’t allowed to tow my car but that they could get a flatbed recovery truck to take it there. Whilst on the way there the RAC approved recovery truck burst into flames, taking my pride and joy with it. Was all over the news as it shut off the A406 for hours.

Blimey, how unlucky are you??

They don’t compare at all I am afraid. Both very different (which is great) but they couldn’t be further from each other in almost every respect. I loved my Brabus Coupe but it leaked like a bucket with holes in it and I didn’t have a spare garage space at the time. It was like new as you can see and sold it to a 6’7" Welsh rugby player!

The Twizy is a fantastic fun car to own and use as a short hop commuter. It’s very limited on range and power (even with the Power Box) but as a second or third car or as a commuting car only then it beats a scooter ignoring the passing all traffic capability of the latter.

By all means try one (I bought a 3+ year old for just £2700) and then spent money getting it to my spec which I haven enjoyed immensely. But to replace a Brabus Coupe? I don’t think so.

Yes, as you may already know, all the Roadsters leak, which is why Mercedes stopped making them after only two years as the warranty claims were getting out of hand.

£2700 is a great price, I’m assuming for that much your Twizy doesn’t have doors?

Welcome on board @Suge , I am sure you will have a great time finding your Twizy

No, it had doors and windows, 1 owner and only 2500 miles. Also .supplied by a Renault main dealer with an additional years warranty and service before trailered down to my works. I would describe it as immaculate but not mint. Certainly been stored inside throughout its life. .

I added lots to it including original new Twizy alloys (mine was a “Colour” spec which ships with white hub caps… No Ta!!!) and changed many more bits besides. In it’s final incarnation;

Very nice,

I cannot find one with doors on Autotrader and within 3 years old (and so with warranty) for less than £4,495. And thats way too much when I keep reading the great deals most of the people on here like yourself got.

In terms of specs/year of production, this is the best that I can find right now:
enter link description here
and I cannot justify spending that much especially as I haven’t even been paid out for my Brabus yet (or even received a courtesy car!)

I paid £100 more for my brand new twizy so it’s best to shop around. Mine wasn’t advertised just rang the dealer on the off chance that they had one in, with the intention of only having a go.

Okay but that is a 2015 model so that’s why it is as high as it is. Mine above is a 2012, first year.

I’d ring them and give them a cheeky offer, it costs them money sitting in stock (they have to pay Renault Finance £25p/m just to rent the battery) so they are usually keen to shift them.

It took me less than a month to wait and find one under £3k. When they pop up you have to jump in real quick! I might add that I did buy in February this year so early in the season.

Try one first though as they are very different to what you have been used to.

terrible news, i seen the pics but well at least your wernt in it.

i have my roadster and my twizy, had it not been for the fact i need the roadster as the show car for the garage i would have let it go. theres something great about the twizy if you like peace and quiet/people smiling at you and actually LETTING you out on junctions/kids thinking your car is cool/major cheap mpg (of leccy)

i wanted doors but tbh i now prefer without them as it feels like it has more space and i have drove rain, hail sleet or snow (which is everyday in scotland) to ferry the wee one to school and back. but alas i have to many cars so this and the rest will need to go.

you should change though to one as its the best hybrid of a bike i have had and so much fun, everyone on here i am sure has the same frame of mind!

I would love to try one but I don’t know of anybody in my area (North London) with one, I’ve only ever seen one in this area and I think it was just passing by.

I give my good customers a shot not one doesn’t enjoy it,shame your not closer buddy