Just found out this stuff existed.its like a play dough that you can mould into any shape but sets like rubber.might be useful for sticking a smart car sun visor into the twizy without drilling holes everywhere.sold in maplin.

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That stuff looks so cool, I’ve just had to order some!!

What a clever solution that is! I wasn’t looking forward to cutting out the large hole and forming to the exact shape to take the Smart Sun visor I got for the Twizy (now sprayed perfect matte black btw), so I may go this route…

I was thinking of this stuff just the other day but didn’t know what it was called. Thanks for posting!

Being an owner of a smart sunvisor myself I would appreciate an update on the ‘elegant mounting of the smart sunvisor in the Twizy’ :heart_eyes:

Once it is mounted I will post.

FormCard is a re-usable mouldable plastic, much more versatile than Sugru, which you’ll find more uses for too. Bought it from and eBay.

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