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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Summer mornings

There is nothing like a 5 am spin in the Twizy. Clear roads, and a beautiful sunrise.

mmmmmmmm :yum:

And the constant rumble from the potholes to wake up your neighbours. :slight_smile:

I really miss doing that :’( as the silence of the Twizy means the wildlife stays put and you can hear the cows, sheep and birdsong perfectly.
We crept up on a deer once and got within a few feet-my (then) 4 year old son was transfixed.

Don’t hate the player!

What about a new thread:

Twizy art/photographs?

Jane hit a rabbit in ours last night… Is that the first Twizy fatality?

Tough things rabbits-is the Twizy a write-off? :lol:

Birds seem to be the worse. The do not move till the last minute.

I had a pigeon fly at the same speed as me in front to the point he was almost like a hood ornament.

Seagulls if you get to close fly off and then shower you in what seagulls do best.

I took out a pigeon last month. I think it mistook my Twizy for being a larger car further away and didn’t bother taking off in time. For a moment my windscreen was just a mass of feathers and I had to pull over to check that the bird wasnt still attached to the front of the car. A sad day for the Twizy.


WOW!!! Great cinematography!! Pity about the “music”. Maybe I am too old for that, had to switch it off to watch.

Yes , you captured some great images and video there :slight_smile:
Music spoils it though, ( in my humble opinion :D)

Everyone’s a critic.

Wow what a cool video, is this your job? Some of the panning and fading was really good…, the bird music at the start was clever. What sort of software was you using to edit.

Just windows movie maker. It’s no longer standard in windows 7. You can download it as a windows live add in. It’s a bit basic but does the job. Music wise I try to get music that fits the visuals. It was mainly the bird song I wanted but then my musical choice usually has critics. Even the hovercraft video I did had mixed responses.