Sun visor video

Just fitted a smart car sun visor


Ahhh!!! You didn’t attempt to rout around the large area of the base section then? Don’t blame you. What size screw did you use and is it alloy or steel behind there?

Mine is all in black now (sprayed with plastic paint) and be fitting Friday along with all the painted side sections that should be cured properly in the oven by then. Great video too!

And how come you are still a “junior member” ?!

Yes I thought about routing a large hole but there is only a 2 mm lip and it would be easy to balls it up.its an awkward shape and the only quick way I could think of was to drill the 2 off 6.5 mm holes as they are an exact fit and they act like dowel pins to stop the visor from pivoting around the central screw. I used the the original screw which was sent with visor.its only 2mm thick plastic with nothing behind as I used a 2 mm drill to pilot drill the centre hole.felt secure but I injected silicon to fill up the gaps and once set shouldn’t be able to fall off.i should have used black silicon but I can spray it or something .good thing is it can’t be seen when not in use.ive only just fitted today so silicon won’t be cured as it was only 4 degrees.but it looks OK in my opinion.
If doing it this way don’t over tighten the centre screw as it will easily strip .the silicon is the main adhesive and when cured should be able to hold my body weight.ha ha!
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Okay understood. it looks good anyway. I sprayed my non-mirror visor so if anyone wants the mirror one, I have it available.

I think Kenneth must have placed his slightly further up and he did in fact rout the entire hole and it does of course look better flush, but maybe it will end up in slightly the wrong place? Not sure but I’ll have a fiddle and make a decision then. I also didn’t get any screws with mine :frowning:

I think the Junior bit is because you haven’t put a name to your profile entry, that’s all but I might be wrong?

Any wood screw with a washer on the end or self tapping screw with a course thread will do.if you start with a smaller diameter and you accidentally strip it then you can go the next size up.also the hinge is quite stiff and I wasn’t convinced that routing the hole would be secure enough unless you super glued around the it appears to be fresh air behind the 2 mm thick would need to be very accurate with a Dremel tool to get an exact fit otherwise it could fall back out or worse fall in.

Hey guys. Took a punt on a purchase from eBay the other day, thinking I could modify it for the twizy. It arrived today, and lo and behold, it fits. No drilling or screwing. Well impressed!!

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It was only ÂŁ8 including postage. Item number 121391498955. Here it is fitted in LE twiz.

That’s a good find.well done.

Looks like it should be on a coach! it’s enormous! Lovely easy fit though, what a good idea.

It’s actually only slightly larger than the smart car visor. I know this cos I have two smart cars.

Okay - thank you for that, if I don’t mine tomorrow I’ll consider it.

Thx for that find Mike. I ordered one myself.

Same here. Thanks Mike

Me too. Thanks Mike

No probs folks. That’s what forums are for!!

I have ordered one as well looks good cheers

Should have ordered a job lot and got a discount. :grinning:

Just ordered me one too - awesome :smiley:

Ordered; cheers! Driving the youngest to Gwithian beach in Summer will be easier now… So how will I strap a surfboard to the Twizy?! I’m thinking, put it sideways (mine is doorless) and order Kenneth’s powerbox - if I go fast enough, I could FLY there!

Received and fitted. . It’s a justa and a good tight fit. Now need the weather to brighten up. :grinning:

Thanks @Repoman