Surrey meet up anyone?

Hi. Anyone inerested in a meetup in northe Surrey? Im in Guildford and as a new owner i would like to meet up with other owners to chat and swap twizy stories. ( I havent got any yet though, only been a week).

Sorry, too far for my Twizy to make it.
Anyway tell us more how you are enjoying the Twizy.

Loveing it. Definatly one of my better stupid ideas (quoting the wife here). Still trying to increase the range tho. Im getting better but still only 35-40 miles per charge. I bought it back from dealer in Winchester following the deal of the centary. Got all the way to the bottom of my estate and ran out! Six hours for pickup from recovery. Not a prob when at home in the warm waiting but id have been dead from exposure if not. One question, mine does not regen untill about 3 miles into the journey. Is this normal? Ive added a super soft seat cover from halfords and a waterproof cover for the seat for when ive parked it. So far anyway.


Glad you are enjoying it. Come summer and it will be a lot better. Also the range will increase with the temperature. Of course it also depends on your driving style. I think someone suggested the 30/50 rule, ie drive at 30 mph and the range will be 50 miles. Drive at 50 mph and the range will be 30 miles. It’s not far off.
Don’t know about the first 3 miles, but certainly after a full charge, mine doesn’t regenerate either. I think it’s normal.

I suppose mine is more 40/40 then. Looking forward to the spring and summer though. Ive been on bikes most of my adult life so ( as Elsa sings) cold doesn’t bother me anyway.

My range is this:-
below 5c - 36 miles
5 - 7.5c - 40 miles
7.5 - 10c - 44 miles
15c Plus - 50 miles.

After a full recharge I don’t notice the regen until there is room in the battery. Regen subjectively gets better as the battery empties. However in reality the amount of regen is not constant over all speeds. It is strongest below 14mph and stops at 7.5mph.

Have you found the neutral position on the accelerator pedal. That helps with costing range.

Yes, I think it is. When the battery is full the battery/engine management system shuts off regen to protect the battery from overcharge. I think the issue may be that regenerative braking produces quite high currents which are hard to control, and which could damage a battery that is over 95-98% charged. If you ever monitor the current going into your battery when it is being charged, you’ll see that from about 95% charged the current drops to about a fifth or less of the full charge current.

If you drive a Twizy, it’s probably more energy efficient to live at the bottom of a hill than the top! :cool:

There is (or shortly will be) a Mercedes (?) hybrid electric vehicle with an incredibly sophisticated SatNav that has full altitude data. This car keeps its battery about 3% short of being fully charged, so that it always has some regen capacity for braking or going downhill. It will even switch from hybrid to full electric when climbing a hill if it “knows” it’s near the top and will shortly be able to start recovering the energy on the way down. They’re talking about average mpg (it still has a petrol engine) of 130 to 140 mpg for a normal sized saloon.

Neutral position on pedel? Do you mean enough to stop regen but not using any power? I tend to drive it like i do my truck, (yes im one of those bastards), use the gas or leave it alone aproach.

I’m in Virginia Water in Surrey if anyone wants to meet up next Sunday, 31st January 2016?